Kelly Khumalo: The real queen of controversies.


Today, there’s nothing, completely nothing bad that people and the media can say about Kelly Khumalo that will damage her reputation more than the things that have already been said about her.

Ms Khumalo has seen it all: the virginity scandal, the punani debacle, Jub Jub, emotional and physical abuse, drugs, musical career fiasco, court cases, home-wrecker, dumped a few months before giving birth, being accused of killing Senzo Meyiwa, dating a traditional healer only three months after Senzo’s death, engagement ring, and many other negative encounters.

Kelly is synonymous to controversy. Like I said, Ms Khumalo has the Zuma effect, the more scandals she attracts, the larger her support base grows. People love her with her many scandals.

It is safe to argue that Kelly sometimes attracts negative publicity knowingly, for what reason, it is not easy to say. She goes out with the aim of attracting people’s attention. She wants to make sure she gives the media enough content to write something negative about her.


How would you define a situation whereby a heavily pregnant woman rocks up at a media event clad in a see through top with a long slit that exposes her tummy?

Perhaps I’m being pessimistic and too conservative but in my world, that is called attention seeking. And guess what, mission accomplished. Ms got many tongues wagging and it wasn’t long before she made front pages of tabloid newspapers and magazines.

Kelly with a wedding ring 1

Yet again, only three months after the highly publicized death of Senzo Meyiwa, Kelly rocks up at a media event wearing what looked like an engagement ring on her left hand.

My common sense once again tells me that it was inevitable that the ring, whether it was for engagement or not, would leave people asking questions. Again, it does not matter whether Kelly and Bhaka are playing the adult game between the sheets, but the moral of the story is, it is too premature for Kelly to be seen waltzing around with another man only three months after the death of her boyfriend.

Let me stop with the moral lecture, but Kelly knows how to attract the media’s attention and thus far her strategy is paying out well. It is unfortunate that it is at the expense of her public image.


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