Ashes to Ashes back on etv for second season

Ashes 600x400_7

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

South Africa’s free to air commercial television channel, etv, has re-commissioned the second season of the most talked about telenovela, Ashes to Ashes; expected to return on our small screens in March 2016.

The second season of Ashes to Ashes (which gained reputation in the television industry for roping in the greatest talents and producing gripping and intriguing storylines) will see all your favourite stars from season 1 returning to Tembisa to pick up where they left.

Makazi, Mo and Mpho

Perhaps it is safe to note that the second season of Ashes to Ashes has even more attention-grabbing content that fans can look out for. As Nyalleng Thibedi (Mpho Namane) puts it on twitter, “Ashes to Ashes season 2 is on steroids.”

Late last year at a press conference, e-tv’s managing director, Monde Twala promised Ashes to Ashes’s return on television; adding that the show will return with a much bigger cast.

Ashes to Ashes cast

This then begs a question, is Atandwa Kani part of the new faces to look out for in the new season? This because a picture of him with some Ashes to Ashes stars on set has been doing the rounds on social media.

Again, it is also safe to speculate that etv has increased the budget of Ashes to Ashes or the show has simply hit a jackpot as far as sponsorships are concerned. In the new season, Reba (Zenande Mfenyane) o kgalemela lenyatso with her latest car model of Audi.


Catch Ashes to Ashes season 2 on etv at 8 PM every week days from March 2016.


Pleasure tsa manyalo releases a new album- Makhelwane.

Pleasure vol 9

Legendary manyalo artist of Lefotwana and Laela fame, Pleasure Peta is expected to release a new album on Saturday 28 November 2015.

The much-awaited album which has gained wide spread popularity on social media weeks prior to its release date, thus sending warning shots to competition, is expected to be the festive season’s celebratory anthem.

Pleasure vol 9, Makhelwane, as it is called comprises of 15 tracks. This album marks Pleasure’s 10th anniversary in the music industry. As a token of appreciation for all the support and love, Pleasure has composed a song titled “Re ya leboga” dedicated to her loyal fans and supporters.

Re ya leboga, sandwiched between the hit tracks Thembi (which has gained momentum as Thembi ka pekana) and Masawana remixes at least previous 8 title tracks into a jam-packed, outstandingly beautiful one track. The compressed title tracks are: Setagwa, bjala, Lesedi, Lefotwana, Mepipi, Laela, Seatlantepeng and Mmusetse gae.


Everyone is in a jubilant mood. Plesure’s fans had this to say:

Rachel Mahlakoana

Gabotse makhelwane o tlo nagana le go thotha this December. Mara o tlaba strong

Motlogolo Wa Makadakele

Pleasure always the best i haven’t heard the disc but already im giving you 10/10 total because you fully know what you do…..and you the best.

Evanzo Matanya

Reago Rata Sesi pleasure oredira batho ba kaone. Gaholo ge re. raloka. Mmino wagago

Motaro Daph

Gape bjalo gona o gaketse boledi wa Ngoato. Efela ralelengwana le mmalelengwana yena o tlakwa ka bontsheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Šima Witness Aphane

Ke nako ya go rola di stilleto re lahle mlenze.Thembi weeeeee…

Sebei Phaahla

Kere bjalo gona nna Thembi kea mokhapha! Next week Sati! Wa mpolaya Ramadimetje wa mpolaya!

Ngwatladi Segopotse Mmela

Thembi se ya bogadi ka pekana a se a bitswa ke motho,ke fela pelo ya go e theetxa Boleee, mampxha re lapa melala

Nelson Batlile Lesetja

ko nyala ka yona koxa yeo,dira ka pele wa bauba

Lebogang Sbhina Sebitja

Can’t wait sis,o lebile kae yena Thembi yoo?mo gona ro ja leoto klarrr

Blessing Makola

Thembi o hloma bjang a ikixa bogadi ka pekena ba2ng……bogadi reya ka mohlobolo ba2ng ……viva diteki viva…..nna ke emetxe vol 9 sesi boledi

Mohlabana A Bauba

Boledi o a fesa sheme. Ke emetse ka kudu lebile ke fela pelo

Mogotladi Mapholo

Go tlo ba busy December yeeee,hahahahahahahhaahhaha re e emetse ka patla le jase,re tlo ja leotoooooooo

Menzi Ngubane and Sonia Sedibe are back!

Menzi (1)

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

If you are a fan of either Menzi Ngubane or Sonia Sediba and missed seeing them on your screen, then worry no more. These two seasoned actors are making their way back on television.

Ngubane and Sedibe have joined e-tv telenovela, Gold Diggers. Ngubane will play the role of Israel Ngumedi, Patrick younger brother. However, not much is known about Sedibe’s role but it is believed that she was headhunted to appear on the show.


Both Ngubane and Sedibe previously featured on Generations where the played a husband and a wife, Sibusiso Dlomo and Ntombi Khumalo, respectively.

Ngubane will make his Gold Digger’s debut on Friday, 30 October 2015.

Gold Diggers plays on e-tv Monday-Friday exclusive to e-tv.

Thobela FM demotes top DJs?


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

In the radio industry, being part of the Morning Breakfast show or Afternoon Drive show is prestigious. These two shows are dubbed ‘crowd pullers’ for many radio stations.


Thabo wa Afrika is the producer of “Naledi ya Meso”

But unfortunately two top DJs at Thobela FM have been moved from these precious slots into shoulder holders.
Mankoko ‘Baby’ Mokhari, who previously co-presented the morning drive show with Sebasa Mogale and Thabo wa Mo Africa, who produced the afternoon drive show at the station have been moved to the early hours time slot.


Mankoko part ways with the morning break fast show.

Mankoko baby now presents Naledi ya meso while Thabo wa Mo Afrika produces the show from 3 am to 6 am. This could be seen as many people as a demotion in comparison to their previous shows.


Out with the old and in with the new. meet the new presenter of Ditlalemeso, Nkgadimeng Kekana.

Mankoko has since been replaced by a new comer, Nkgadimeng Kekana as the c0-presenter of Ditlalemeso.

Perhaps one question ought asking is whether these reshuffling are aimed at demoting top DJs or the station is simply moving them into different time slots  to help attract more listeners?

Date my family bows out!


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Mzansi magic trending dating show, Date my family has concluded its first season. The last episode was on Sunday 04 October and the controversial ‘reality’ show will be succeeded by a short drama, ‘Ya lla’.

It is still not clear whether the channel will recommission the second season of the dating programme. But the show was doing exceptionally well in its time slot as far as the ratings were concerned, averaging between 800 000 and 1 000 000 views.

It is an open secret that Date my family gained a reputation for being the most controversial dating show in the history of the SA television industry. Controversial and motto mouth Stanley Ramolobeng launched the programme with his diva antics.

See below some of the incidents that stand out from the show.

See below some of the HA! moments from season 1


date stanley

THE FAMOUS STANLEY RAMOLOBENG. This man arguably launched the controversial side of “Date My Family”


date my




ladies, if you were to date this guy, make sure you have your payslip with you. He doesn’t want to date a lady who earns more than him.


And this one, he simply can’t handle the pressure of being intellectually challenged by a woman.

Ashes to Ashes over Gold diggers.

GROUP1 ashes to ashes

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

After six successful months on air, e-tv’s Ashes to Ashes bowed out with a bang. The show was commissioned for only 104 episodes with the initial plan to broadcast 4 days a week. However, due to popular demand, the channel extended the telenovela to 5 days.

Ashes to Ashes has since been replaced by Gold Diggers. These two shows differ from each other in many ways. Ashes to Ashes explores the deadly world of funeral business whilst Gold Diggers places its focus on the mining industry.


Ashes to Ashes saw fans complaining about the Namanes being the only family in the soapie. They canvassed for a rival family to give the Namanes a run for their money. Simply put, the Ashes to Ashes world was too small featuring only few cast members.

gold diggers etv

By huge contrast, Gold Diggers is packed with many characters. The Gumede family on its own make up atleast 3/4 of the entire Ashes to Ashes cast list. But is that a good thing, NOOOOO!

The Ashes to Ashes plot was too small and nicely packaged. Because they had few characters, it was easy to understand who was who and what their stories were all about. Actors enjoyed immense amount of air time, and that came in handy in helping viewers understand the characters very well.

From the first second, we knew Mandlakazi was keeping a big secret that was now catching up with her. That storyline launched and sustained Ashes to Ashes to its end. The storyline was watertight. No one could have easily predicted what will happen next. The last two months of Ashes to Ashes on air saw the show trending on twitter every night.

gold diggers

On the other hand, fans don’t have to complain about substandard audio-visual quality, but Gold diggers is unfortunately confusing, at least that’s my own view of the show. I’ve been watching the show for almost two months, but to this day I don’t know who is who, doing what. I’m confused- completely left behind.

Or maybe I’m the problem. I haven’t moved on from Ashes to Ashes? Anyway, the good news #AshesToAshes season 2 is coming and I can’t wait!

Muvhango sends actors packing.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The producers of Muvhango are releasing some actors from their contracts in an attempt to revamp the SABC 2 Tshivenda soapie, according to reports.

Some of the actors that are reportedly facing the chop include, but not limited to, Simphiwe Ngema (Thuli Nkosi), Azwi Malaka (Pfulwani Mukwevho), Gundo (Nkululeko Tshirumbula) and the entire Mojalefa family.

Simphiwe, whose character was dubbed ‘useless’ thus not adding value to the production, has concluded shooting her scenes with the show but will still appear on our small screens until March next year.

Menzi Ngubane’s first day on Ashes to Ashes.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

written: 10 July 2015

Published: 31 August 2015

Following ten months of sabbatical from the television industry, Menzi Ngubane has finally made a comeback on our small screens as Detective Nkonzo Mazibuko on a flagship telenovela, Ashes to Ashes.

Ngubane made his much awaited debut on Thursday 09 July 2015. He arrived at the Namane run funeral parlour like any other client who could’ve be easily mistaken for seeking funeral services.

Understandably, Damain (Mandla Gaduka) with his comical antics welcomed Nkonzo and asked how he could assist him. But of course Detective Nkonzo was not looking for a funeral planner or any of the services offered at the funeral parlour.

He came to investigate murder (of Godfrey Simelane) and his investigations led him to the Namanes, he revealed to Selo (Patrick Shai) and Tsietsi (Nyaniso Dzedze). A visibly frightened Tsietsi tried to downplay his emotions.

The truth is Godfrey was a nuisance to the Namanes and at one point put the life on Mandlakazi (Nambitha Mpumlwana) under siege. Selo lost control of his household as he was constantly consulting a beer pot for solace. He put his Namane shares up for grabs and like any other concerned heir, Tsietsi wanted to save the day- SO HE KILLED GODFREY (mistakenly perhaps)

At this point we can only arrive at one conclusion; everyone is a suspect at the Namane household. Detective Nkonzo is set to ruffle feathers. Is this the end of Tsietsi? Will Uncle Mickey go down with him? What about Selo? Will the infamous Namane

Menzi Ngubane joins e-tv Ashes to Ashes? And Katlego Danke?


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

South African seasoned actor, Menzi Ngubane is making a big come back on television if the recent media reports are anything to go by. Ngubane played the role of S’busiso Dlomo on Generations and was part of the 16 actors fired by Mfundi Vundla in August 2014 amid contractual and salary disputes.

Sunday World reports that Ngubane approached e-tv for a job and got a nod. He was expected to form part of the line-up of the new telenovela, Ashes to Ashes but was temporarily excluded from the launch to afford him time to focus on his health after the recent kidney transplant.

“They gave him a few months to get his health back in order and [he] would probably be unveiled as a surprise addition to one of the new dramas [either Ashes to Ashes or Zibonise],” explained a source.

When pressed for comments, the channel was forthcoming with the informing regarding Ngubane possibly joining one of e-tv’s new dramas.

“We constantly need to engage with the very best local talent, and Menzi is one of the greatest local actors and it would be an honour to work with him.

“It is our understanding that he is still recovering and we wish him a speedy recovery,” e-tv spokesperson, Matla-Rapulana Ragoasha told the newspaper.

Ngubane could neither confirm nor deny the allegations. At this stage, he said, his priority is with his health and will discuss work related matters once he’s fully recovered

“I can only talk about work related things after the process. These stories are going to disturb me and that’s not what I want at the moment,” he said.

Katlego Danke

What about Katlego Danke, is she also joining Ashes to Ashes?

Only last week, an online media site, Quench SA alleged that Katlego Danke could also be joining Ashes to Ashes. Danke played the role of Dineo Mashaba on Generations and was fired [alongside 15 other colleagues] from the soapie while on maternity leave.

Danke is currently on maternity leave bonding with her first born. However, she has since hinted out that she will not turn down the offer if approached to join the e-tv family. Or she’s already on the set of Ashe of Ashes. Is she?

What Danke said or done on twitter

  • Nambitha Mpumlwana is on the payroll of Ashes to Ashes. She plays the role on Mandlakazi, the family matriarch.
  • Despite the fact that Danke and Mpumlwana have been colleagues on Generations for years; the two recently followed each other on twitter.
  • They have been retweeting each other’s tweets.
  • When one fan @TshepoKgakane asked “@KatlegoDanke could we see you in e-tv’s new soap #AshestoAshes?
  • Katlego Danke responded “@TshepoKgakane unfortunately not. But please do support my colleagues.”
  • When Nambitha posted on twitter “It’s an extra special Sunday! Watch exclusive first preview of Ashes to Ashes on E-TV at 20:00, the post gained Katlego’s favour and endorsed it with a RETWEET.
  • Another fan tweeted, and Danke retweeted. “Kodwa why isn’t @KatlegoDanke part of the anticipated new show #AshestoAshes. It would’ve been nice, but I hope she joins eventually…
  • …To which Danke replied “@ZandieyM .. eyM nke replied “ope she joins eventually. to AshestoAshes. It would’urn down the offer if appraoched twitteraw thanks for the support and belief in me.”

Pictures: Drum magazine

REVEALED: 2015 Royalty Soapie Awards Nominees

Royalty Soapie

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Nominees for the annual Royalty Soapie Awards have been revealed. The event, set to take place on Saturday 28 March 2015 will see some of the South African television heavyweights competing for the Royalty honour.

For the first time in history, this year with see’s soap operas, Rhythm City and Scandal take part in the awards. This is because the channel boycotted the Royalty awards in 2014 citing lack of clarity with the objectives of the awards.

Scandal! and Isibaya are the two lead soap operas with 16 nominees each, followed by SABC 2 Afrikaans programme, 7de Laan with only 14 nominees. Controversial Generations got a zilch nominee. Which means Generations won’t be participating in all the categories with the exception of “most popular soapie of the year” category.

The following categories are open to the public to vote for their preferred candidates. Mr TV Police lists the nominees and selects the candidates he will be voting for.

Vusi Kunene

Outstanding Lead Actor

Motlatsi Mafatshe as Sechaba in Isidingo
Siyabonga Thwala as Mpiyakhe in Isibaya
Theodore Jantjies as Xander in 7de Laan
Vusi Kunene as Jefferson in Isidingo
Zane Meas as Neville in 7de Laan


Outstanding Lead Actress

Kgomotso Christopher as Katlego in Isidingo
Marjorie Langa as Gloria in Scandal!
Masasa Mbangeni as Thembeka in Scandal!
Thembi Nyandeni as Mkabayi in Isibaya
Vinette Ebrahim as Charmaine in 7de Laan


Outstanding Male Villain

Andre Lotter as Liamle in Villa Rosa
Robert Whitehead as Barker in Isidingo
Sello Maake ka-Ncube as Lucas in Scandal!
Vusi Kunene as Bhekifa in Isibaya
Wilhelm van der Walt as Tyrone in 7de Laan


Outstanding Female Villain

Dawn Matthews as Shakira in Scandal!
Jo da Silva as Gita in 7de Laan
Mampho Brescia as Iris in Isibaya
Therese Benade as Astrid in Villa Rosa

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Andile Sithole as Ndumiso in Scandal!
Bongani Gumede as Mandla in Isibaya
Jody Abrahams as Marcel in Scandal!
Kaz McFadden as Dewald in 7de Laan
Zakhele Mabasa as S’khaleni in Isibaya

NO VOTE from Mr. TV Police in this category

Mapaseka Koetle(1)

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Dorette Potgieter as Wanda in Villa Rosa
Mampho Brescia as Iris in Isibaya
Mapaseka Koetle as Dintle in Scandal!
Natasha Sutherland as Layla in Scandal!
Nomzamo Mbatha as Thandeka in Isibaya


Outstanding Newcomer

Andile Gumbi as Zweli in Isibaya
Buhle Samuels as Matshidiso in Muvhango
Fulu Mugovhani as Anzani in Scandal!
Izak Davel as Bradley in Isidingo
Tessa Holloway as Sonja in 7de Laan

Pictures: e-tv, SABC and twitter.


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