A fridge of horror woman appears in court.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The 29-year old woman who made headlines after four infants where found buried under the vegetables and meat in her fridge appeared in court recently, according to reports.

She has not pleaded yet and the case has been postponed to February 18 for further investigations. The woman, from Brighton in Mthata will remain in custody until her next court appearance.

Dispatch Live was able to establish that the name of the lady is Melice Jacobs and she was  “formally charged on four counts of murder and concealment of pregnancy.”


Earlier in the week, the Daily Sun reported that the suspect left for Johannesburg to bury her boyfriend and left the house in the care of the neighbour who was ordered not to ever open the fridge under any circumstance. But the neighbour reneged on the promise, and when she opened the fridge, she then discovered the gory truth behind the fridge of horror.

“The neighbour kept on cleaning but because of the constant load shedding there was a smell coming out of the freezer.

“On Saturday morning the owner decided to open the freezer to see what was causing the smell.


“She saw strange-looking dark plastic bags hidden at the bottom of the fridge under the vegetables and meat. When she opened one bag, she saw a baby’s body.

“She ran out and called her relatives, who found two more dead bodies in the freezer,” an unnamed source told the newspaper.

In the meantime, however, the woman has claimed to be the mother to all the four babies but the police ‘don’t agree with her’ and the DNA tests have since been ordered to be done. The post-mortem results show that a ‘‘shoelace was found tied around the neck of one of the babies,’’ thus fuelling suspicions that it could have been struggled, Times Live reported.

Melice Pictures by: Dispatch Live


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