Kelly Khumalo vs. Yvonne Chaka Chaka: The Battle of Asine.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

South African veteran musician, Yvonne Chaka Chaka is spitting fire- she wants to know why Kelly Khumalo is singing ‘Asine’ because according her, Asine first appeared on her album. At the time, the song was titled ‘Reya Lots’ha’

Drum magazine reported that Yvonne worked with the popular producer Sello “Chicco” Twala on her album released in 1997 and the song ‘Reya Lot’sha’ (now called Asine in Kelly’s new album Back to my roots) was track number two. Of course the song was written by Chicco himself.

Although Yvonne does not have problems with Kelly singing she song, she, however, would like to understand the principle behind the changing of the title and also the reason she wasn’t told the song will be included in Kelly’s album.

“Chicco wrote this song for me while we were doing the Bombani album… Nobody told me that this song would be on Kelly’s album. I called Chicco about this, but he said I must relax. He said this is not a new song and people should know it. The difference is that it now has a new title,” she told Drum magazine.

Chicco, however, fails to understand the reason Yvonne is making the Asine business a big issue.

“The song can change its titles many times… While I was working with Yvonne, I didn’t give it much time as we were concentrating on other songs… It’s a hit now because I am doing it with Kelly. I never told Yvonne because she is not the one who wrote it. The song belongs to me,” he was quoted as saying.

Kelly’s response on the matter was simple and precise, only two words “so what?”

Kelly’s album is doing very well in the market. The album is currently nominated for Best African Pop Album and song of the Year at the 2015 Metro FM Music Awards.


2 responses

  1. Yes vele “so what?” hau kelly’s song is making waves. Im sure its sounded rly bad the tym yvonne sang it

  2. I bought the Bombani album way back in the 90’s. When I heard the song ‘Asine’, I knew that Yvonne sang it at some stage and it was one of my favourites in the album. Chicco should have told Yvonne about the song on Kelly’s album although he wrote the song himself. The tension between the two musicians should have been avoided unless Chicco intentionally wanted the song to get more attention and therefore increase sales. Musicians overseas are rerecording other people’s songs but they do acknowledge that the song is not original. Am sure Chicco is happy to have found another cash cow…

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