Pastor Mbhoro talks to Khanyi Mbau about fame, long nails, ‘biscuit’ & more.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo 

A controversial show, hosted by a controversial celebrity with a controversial pastor as a guest can only mean one thing “a controversial topic”- and that’s exactly what happened when the infamous township pastor, Mbhoro got invited to a chat with Ms Khanyi Mbau on e-tv’s Katch it with Khanyi.

Khanyi, using her charm and sassiness, sucked the controversial and juicy details out of Mbhoro. In fact the chemistry between the two was undeniable as they appeared to epitomize the same energy and vava-voom!

The two have a lot in common. As pastor Mbhoro said, he and Khanyi are the products of public scrutiny. “Controversy makes you powerful and your competition becomes scared of you,” Pastor Mbhoro said of himself and Khanyi.

The EFF aligned pastor is synonymous to controversy. His rise to prominence was plagued with many scandals, with many people claiming that Pastor Mbhoro was a ‘Satanist’ with the super natural powers invested in his nails.


But Mbhoro (real name Paseka Motsoeneng), who was forthcoming with the information, downplayed the allegations. He told Ms Mbau that his long nails are a gift. Even if he cut them, they grow very fast. In fact, his father had even longer and stronger nails. Perhaps it is only safe to say he took after his father.

Mbau and Mbhoro also talked about the controversial “biscuits” debacle. “Biscuits” is an informal term for a “vigina” in Mbhoro’s world. It was alleged that pastor Mbhoro touched women’s private parts when praying for them.

In what could be interpreted as a way of justifying his actions, Mbhoro told his host that when praying for people, he lays hands on the affected areas. For example, when praying for somebody who suffers from a headache, he will obviously lay his hands on the victim’s head. When one suffers from biscuitACHE (vaginal problems), that’s no exception, he will lay his hands on the affected part.

Pastor Mbhoro Picture: Drum Magazine


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