Lerato Moloi and Collen Mashawana reach a cul-de-sac?

Who cheated, Former Muvhango actress or Malema’s friend?

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka


Their relationship was often dubbed as stable and the two always looked cosy and in love every time they appeared in public together. Their engagement was attended by A-list guests only and the SABC 3’s Top Billing witnessed the event.

But sadly, Letato Zah Moloi and Collen Mashawana are rumoured to have separated and Zah Moloi has apparently moved out of the couple’s love nest.

But when news of their separation first broke into the public realm, it was alleged that businessman Collen Mashawana was cheating on bubbly former Muvhango actress and Gospel gold presenter, Lerato Zah Moloi, best known for her unlucky in love character, Refiloe Mokoena, in Muvhango.

According to Move! Magazine’s (30 January 2013) ‘reliable source,’ Collen “was not as decent as he seemed and had a roving eye.” The magazine’s mole went further to insinuate that Collen was not as loaded as he claimed to be.

Other media reports allege that Lerato’s last straw was when Collen invited a property buyer to come view the couple’s mansion without informing his fiancée.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE, in a twist at a tale, a word of mouth has it that Lerato is not as innocent as portrayed in the media. In fact, zah Moloi has been rubbing bellies with cute and charming former Mr South Africa, Paul Phume.

“Collen found out about her (zah Moloi) infidelity, and now she is discrediting him by spreading lies.
“Lerato is trying everything to get public sympathy at the expense of Collen. The worst part is that her husband is being portrayed as a villain, while she is the ‘saint’ and ‘victim,” the magazine’s ‘reliable’ source said in their latest edition.

When approached for comment, Paul Phume, who’s implicated in the affair with zah Moloi denied the allegations. “There is no truth in these allegations. Lerato and I dated in 2007, but it ended in 2008. We’ve never rekindled the relationship. I have a steady girlfriend now,” he apparently told Move! Magazine.



Tilo asks questions and attempts to offer the concerned parties advice.

When I first read about the love triangle saga, I asked myself the questions, ‘who is fooling who here. Who is actually lying in this saga?’ As much as I am a journalist, I respect colleen-Lerato-Paul’s privacy because I believe they are entitled to it. Actually, is not a matter of whether I believe or not. Their privacy is protected by the country’s constitution. In fact, I have a high respect for zah Moloi in particular. She was one of my favourite actresses when she was still with Muvhango and I still follow her.

But once her private life come to dominate tabloids’ front pages, the same way she may get devastated, I also get affected as a fan. Over and above, I would like to remind all the concerned partied to realize that they have families they need to protect. My plea is that they keep their shenanigans in the closet and sort out their differences in private.

Fact file about Lerato and Collen.

Zah Moloi and Collen became media darlings when Collen organised a surprise party for Lerato and at the same party proposed to her. The couple’s lavish party attracted VIP guests and Economic Freedom Fighters’ leader, Julius Malema, was among the distinguished guests. SABC 3’s lifestyle and entertainment programme, Top Billing, also covered the couple’s engagement party. Yes, Moloi and Collen have a baby together.



Published on: 12 March 2013

Edited on: 6 October 2013

Picture: TV SA.


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