Senzo’s father is partially wrong about Kelly Khumalo!

Kelly and Baby

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Kelly Khumalo has gone through a lot over the couple of months ago. Since her affair with slain soccer star, Senzo Meyiwa was made public knowledge; she has been called names from all the different corners of the world.

Then, it was much better because at least Senzo was still alive to offer moral support when people and family members attacked Ms Khumalo. One can only wonder how she’s doing now following the sudden passing of the boyfriend and father to her daughter.

However, Senzo’s father would not agree with me. His conduct over the previous two days has propelled me to reach a conclusion that he does not recognize Kelly as one of the victims in this whole debacle. He treats Kelly as an object that does not have feelings.

The media is out there to package and distribute all the dirty laundry surrounding Senzo’s death and Mr Samuel Meyiwa is telling them exactly what they want to hear. According to me, Kelly has shown enough respect to the Meyiwas since she met Senzo.

Perhaps she’s a huge contrast to Mandisa but publicly she keeps her mouth shut, not commenting about her private life.

  • Mr Meyiwa claims that he does not like Kelly because she likes ‘show off’ and goes to the media and talk a lot.
  • He got it wrong there. Kelly does not talk a lot and every objective entertainment journalist would agree with me.
  • If you are a journalist, you would think twice, if not thrice before giving Kelly a call to comment about her private life. She will blatantly tell you where to get off.
  • Since Kelly was discovered to be pregnant, she never opened up to any journalist. She kept mum and gave the media the freedom to speculate.
  • The media would quote ‘close friends’, ‘sources close to the situation,’ and ‘an insider’’ among others. Not at once have they heard from Ms Khumalo.
  • Kelly only gave one magazine an exclusive interview following the birth of her daughter, and that’s was it; at least as far as I could ascertain.
  • Kelly does not care about what the people and media say about her but she certainly hates bad headlines.
  • The reason she varam klapped Khanyi Mbau was because Ms Khumalo was tipped that Ms Mbau was the one feeding the media with false information about her.
  • Kelly pregnant, Kelly assaulted Mandisa, Kelly and Senzo broke up, Kelly in Hillbrow police station, Kelly gives birth, Kelly and Senzo back together, Kelly this and Kelly that, still Ms Khumalo kept mum and did not respond to the media’ speculations.
  • Until today, Kelly has not said anything since Senzo Meyiwa was shot dead. Even when Kelly spoke, it was through a circulated media statement that may not have been written by Kelly herself.
  • Kelly knows where to draw a line between private and public interest issues.
  • But now let’s flip the coin and talk about people who like ‘show off’ and ‘go to the media and talk a lot.’
Senzo's dad

Senzo’s Dad: Mr Samuel Meyiwa at his son’s funeral. Picture: Alon Skuy via Times Live.

  • Mr and Mrs Meyiwa gave Drum magazine an exclusive interview last year November about the love triangle of Senzo, Mandisa and Kelly.
  • Then, they hurled insults at Kelly with Senzo’s mother labeling her a ‘witch’, the worst form of a defamation of a character. But still, Kelly kept cool in the public.
  • When Sunday Sun broke the story about Senzo-Kelly alleged break up, the newspaper quoted Senzo’s father, Samuel Meyiwa and Mandisa with the latter labeling Kelly a ‘home wrecker.’
  • If we were to do data collection and subsequently move on to do data analysis of the most quoted people in the Senzo-Mandisa-Kelly debacle, I’m certain we will arrive at this conclusion: The most quoted people in the media, in order of appearance: Mr Meyiwa, Senzo, Mrs Meyiwa, Mandisa and then Kelly.
  • But let’s not leave it there; let’s critically analyze their statements in the media. Let’s narrow it down to only just bad things. Again in order of appearance: Mr Meyiwa, Mrs Meyiwa and Mandisa.
  • Kelly and Senzo have never said bad things about any of their detractors in the media, as far as I know.
  • Senzo passes away and Mr Meyiwa sees it as another perfect opportunity to humiliate Kelly publicly through the media.
  • What happened to keeping private family affairs private?
  • Just imagine if Kelly decides tomorrow that enough is enough I’m going to retaliate?
  • That would be bad, wouldn’t it be?

NB: Kindly note that this article is an opinion piece, reflecting my personal opinion based on my own analysis of the situation. Fortunately my opinion does not have to resonate with your opinion.

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77 responses

  1. You really need to sit down and shut up!

  2. Let bygns b bygns,Senzo is nt here anymr

  3. People talk as if Kelly doesn’t have feelings the worse part is dat they loved each ather

  4. shym kelly be strong cc konke kodlula

  5. leave kelly alown . how can you kill some one u love.what about mandisa she knew she had lost senzo to kelly what if she sent those three men to kill kelly only to find senzo there and when it comes to senzos father his mad he shold get a life and ms khumalo alown

    1. I so wich people could just leave kelly khumalo alone, loving a person is not a sin, nd kelly and senzo they loved each ada obvious. Sometimes we hav to meet the wrong people b4 we meet de ryt 1ns, nna i feel sorry for both kelly nd mandisa, no 1 is to blame between de 2, ka lerata pls be strong both of you, for senzo’s sake

  6. Senzo was married and not Kelly, Mandisa should have left him but she chose to be a victim. Kelly fell inlove with Senzo and im sure if he was still alive he would have been with Kelly.
    A happily married man would never leave his house if he does that then clearly there’s no more marriage.

  7. Respest is earned n dont attract bad publicity for your recognition on other people expense

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