Ashes to Ashes over Gold diggers.

GROUP1 ashes to ashes

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

After six successful months on air, e-tv’s Ashes to Ashes bowed out with a bang. The show was commissioned for only 104 episodes with the initial plan to broadcast 4 days a week. However, due to popular demand, the channel extended the telenovela to 5 days.

Ashes to Ashes has since been replaced by Gold Diggers. These two shows differ from each other in many ways. Ashes to Ashes explores the deadly world of funeral business whilst Gold Diggers places its focus on the mining industry.


Ashes to Ashes saw fans complaining about the Namanes being the only family in the soapie. They canvassed for a rival family to give the Namanes a run for their money. Simply put, the Ashes to Ashes world was too small featuring only few cast members.

gold diggers etv

By huge contrast, Gold Diggers is packed with many characters. The Gumede family on its own make up atleast 3/4 of the entire Ashes to Ashes cast list. But is that a good thing, NOOOOO!

The Ashes to Ashes plot was too small and nicely packaged. Because they had few characters, it was easy to understand who was who and what their stories were all about. Actors enjoyed immense amount of air time, and that came in handy in helping viewers understand the characters very well.

From the first second, we knew Mandlakazi was keeping a big secret that was now catching up with her. That storyline launched and sustained Ashes to Ashes to its end. The storyline was watertight. No one could have easily predicted what will happen next. The last two months of Ashes to Ashes on air saw the show trending on twitter every night.

gold diggers

On the other hand, fans don’t have to complain about substandard audio-visual quality, but Gold diggers is unfortunately confusing, at least that’s my own view of the show. I’ve been watching the show for almost two months, but to this day I don’t know who is who, doing what. I’m confused- completely left behind.

Or maybe I’m the problem. I haven’t moved on from Ashes to Ashes? Anyway, the good news #AshesToAshes season 2 is coming and I can’t wait!


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