Scandal, Generations and Muvhango actors with the cheapest wardrobe

Patricia, Tryphinah and Gloria

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Many production houses producing television dramas invest heavily in the wardrobe of their lead actors for myriad number of reasons. Lead actors enjoy a lot of screen time and they are most loved by the fans, so their wardrobes need to be up to scratch at all times.

However, this does not mean supporting actors and actors making special appearances deserve wardrobe mediocrity. The wardrobe departments of many soap operas also work hard to ensure that supporting actors look presentable and eye deserving.

Nevertheless, there are those actors that will always get the cheapest wardrobe on set. If they are lucky, they’ll get 3 to 4 changing outfits. This does not mean they are being discriminated against or their contribution is less important, but their roles on set deserve such cheap and limited wardrobe. Good news to the production house, it saves them money.


Generations Patricia who escaped the chop is one of the two actors with the cheapest wardrobe on set. She is the manager_waitress at Mocha mamas and wears work uniform in most of the times she appears on our small screens.


Tryphinah of Muvhango is the domestic worker at the Mojalefa residence and just like Patricia, she’s always clad in work uniform. I’d like to congratulate Tryphinah on two things: 1, for making it into the new season of Muvhango and 2, with a new uniform. Change is inevitable. Change is good. But at the same time change can be scary. I just did not expect the new uniform to be in black and white.


Last but not least, Gloria from Scandal! also fits into this category. Although Gloria spends a considerable amount of her time clad in work uniform, however she is way better off compared to her Generations and Muvhango counterparts. She’s got enough private clothes to wear outside work.

Gloria, unlike Patricia and Tryphinah enjoys a lot of screen time and she’s also had her big remarkable moments on television that got the viewers thinking of what will happen next. Her wedding and the recent abuse storylines, among others gave her the opportunity to shine on our screens.


Pictures: e-tv, Muvhango & twitter


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