Fheli is back on Muvhango. How did she escape prison?


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

While Generations is making the legacy of new storylines and plot, Muvhango, on the other hand, is making the legacy of +6 million viewership and has roped in one of their controversial characters, Thifhelimbilu to come be part of the moving train again. Joking. Or maybe not.

On a serious note, the character of Thifhelimbilu (real name Suzan Ravuku) will be back on our small screens this coming March. Mr TV Police is excited. He likes Fheli because of her talent.

But the return of Fheli begs a question, how did she come out of prison? The last time we saw her on our screens she was in prison wearing a sky blue dress; and contrary to what Susan may have envisaged; Fheli showed no remorse before the warder whisked her away.

So, three months down the line, what happed? How did Fheli become a free woman again? Mr TV Police thinks he’s got the answers. But first let’s connect the dots to make sense of the situation.

  • Fheli and her infamous companion, Mama are a syndicate operating the “royal blood for muti” campaign.
  • When Sargent Neshehe handcuffed Mama, she remained unfazed claiming that the following day she will be out of prison due to her supernatural powers.
  • If Mama can pull such a stunt, what stops sesi Fheli?
  • Fheli arrived at the royal house and got everyone fooled.
  • Since 2006, Susan and Pfulwani have been staying under the same roof and the two had a strong bond. They loved each other’s children as theirs.
  • But Fheli, in a blink of an eye, managed to turn the two ladies against each other.
  • It wasn’t long before the royal house was converted into the WWE Venda Wrestling Mania, of course with Fheli as the biased judge serving own purposes.
  • On the day Muvhango was kidnapped, Fheli was apparently out of Thate and yet all the evidence points to her as the kidnapper.
  • Fheli outmanoeuvred a mob vying for Susan’s blood. (Muvhango, we are still waiting for Susan’s justice. What happened to her was anti-feminism at its best and criminalisation of poor African woman).
  • Back at the royal house, sesi Fheli outwitted Azwindini and Pfulwani.
  • Before they knew it, Fheli was nowhere to be found. How she left the royal house, is still the question on everyone’s lips.

Mr TV Police says:

Taking into consideration Fheli’s history of duping and outsmarting the people around her, she may have pulled the same stunt in prison. Sargent Neshehe and co proved to be a bunch of useless men in blue uniform. With someone as sharp minded as Fheli, it will be easy to deceive them.

Let’s wait to see how the story unfolds. Muvhango is on SABC 2 at 9 PM from Monday-Friday.

Picture: Drum Magazine.


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