Ashes to Ashes: Axed Generations stars act on a new 8 PM e-tv soapie.

GROUP1 ashes to ashes  

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

When Mfundi Vundla and the SABC fired the ‘Generations 16 drama queens,’ little did they anticipate the disgruntled actors to go after them, jumping into bed with their enemies.

Emotions ran high. Calls to boycott the soapie were made. Some fans condemned the new Generations. Nonetheless, MMSV productions went ahead to produce what has since been termed as ‘Generations the Legacy’ with Mr Vundla citing that “my loyalty is to my client, SABC, and no one else… I hope I never work with any of them (the fired actors) in the future.”


In what could be seen as one of their many fight back strategies, some of the unceremoniously fired actresses have squeezed their skirts under their panties, while male actors rolling up their sleeves ready for a public show down.

E-tv is set to launch a new telenovela of 104 episodes called ‘Ashes to Ashes’ due to premiere on Monday 2 March. More interestingly, the soapie will play at 8 PM, thus competing for viewers with SABC 1 fragile Generations the Legacy.

Even much better, Ashes to Ashes has roped in one former Generations head writer to help conceptualize and pen down what is set to be the hottest property in the television industry. Patrick Shai who played the role Patrick Tlhaole in Generations has been confirmed as one of the principal cast members.


However, Times Live was able to establish that former Generations actors such as Nambitha Mpumlwana (Mawande), Anga Makubalo (MJ), Mandla Gaduka (Choppa), Maggie Benedict (Akhona) and Zenande Mfenyane (Noluntu) form part of the lineup. Speculation is also rife that Zolisa xaluva (Jason) is set to join the soapie even though the star is reported to be joining Mzansi Magic Zabalaza.

Viewership of sympathy

According to e-tv, the premiere of Ashes to Ashes is the ‘regeneration of the 8 PM slot,’ promising to offer viewers alternative content. For years, television channels were skeptical of producing drama series to compete with Generations but thanks to the August 2014 real life drama, television producers went back to the drawing board.

Many viewers, including Mr TV Police who never watched the so-called Generations the Legacy, are still enraged at how the Generations 16’s situation was handled by the production house and the SABC. Many are looking for alternatives from Generations, and they might just find solace in Ashes to Ashes, thus marveling and sympathizing with their once famous Generations actors.

SABC loses to e-tv

Taking into consideration how jealous the SABC is with their talent, the public broadcaster can be considered the biggest loser. Generations is the leading show in the land. It is by no mistake their actors are the most loved television celebrities in South Africa.


It is unfortunate that the SABC is losing the most sought-after actors to competition, especially to their arch-rival free to air channel, e-tv. First it was Seputla Sebogodi (Kenneth Mashaba) joining Rhythm City and now Patrick Shai and the queen of South African television industry; Nambitha Mpumlwana et al are joining e-tv’s rival soapie, Ashes to Ashes.


8 responses

  1. I can’t wait for the 2nd of March finally our prayers are being answered.

  2. Cant wait any longer i”ve been praying for them to come back cause what we watching on SABC 1 mmm not ayoba

  3. Def can’t wait…if only mo ex-gen actors n actresses cld join

  4. It is nice to watch Ashes to Ashes and see former Generation…….yo Zenande, Nambita,Akhona, Choppa, yooo i so wish zonke actors zika Generation ebezi actor nabo zingaba joiner, umtshana roll ona 6yrs uthi ufuna ukuba ngu Nountu Memela

  5. “Ngamla” is on E! Meet you there buddy, hope Keneth can come along to become the most dangerous man ’cause I heard U gonna be a cop. Ti ta vuya strong xem!

  6. Hey guyz kumnandi kubukela Ashes to Ashes, Generation iyadika, yo i roll model yomtshana ngu Zenande Mfenyane, uyazifela umtshana wam, kwayena uthi ufundela ukuba ngu Noluntu, ngathi Thixo angamnceda……….yo ndiyamthanda u Wandy ………what a strong women, haaaaa!

  7. Kaye Ngantweni | Reply

    I think the writer scooped something from Shakespeare, I do not normally watch TV but with Ashes to Ashes playing I made sure I was sitting on front of the TV. The actors played their roles excellently! And the Finale didnt disappoint, it was carried out brilliantly as well. Left me feeling emotional. The writer was great! The actors all played their roles and gave more life to their characters. I LOVED THEM…..REALLY DO HOPE YOU’LL BE BACK!

  8. Hi…….we can be glad if all ex generation team can come back yooo….Kheth, Queen, Dinny mmh all the staff I love that staff….but ke as long ekhona Wandi, Zee, Akhona, ahhhhhh bro Chops…….yo Mngala hayi team shota kancinci

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