Skeem Saam: A nasty Lelo surprise for Kwaito at UJ?

Amanda du point

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

First thing first, I’d like to congratulate Mr Zamokuhle Seakamela for doing exceptionally well in his matric. Although I always knew he’ll pass Grade 12, but I was skeptical that he was going to perform this well. Thank you for proving Mr Charles Kunutu and I wrong.

Please note that even when Mr TV Police is in his greatest mood, I always have a ‘but’ and ‘however’ to add a negative twist to the story and today is no exception. For Kwaito, passing Grade 12 and enrolling at UJ was a curse in disguise, at least that’s what I think and only time will prove me either wrong or right but I maintain my predictions are seldom incorrect or not far from what is really true.

Where is Lelo (Amanda Du Point)? Nobody, including Mr TV Police knows about her whereabouts. But what we know is that she’s not at University of Limpopo or else S’thoko (Maisha Semenya) would have bumped into her at some point.

I wouldn’t be wrong if I put it to you that Lelo dropped out of varsity in the middle of the year. Captain Malebana, was, and still is, looking for Lelo and it would be detrimental to her if she is seen waltzing around the streets of Mankweng.

A common denominator? Or maybe a coincidence? Kwaito is now a university student and so is Lelo. Kwaito is going to Johannesburg to start with his tertiary life and at the same time Lelo has pending modules to complete from UL.

Lelo is not going back to Limpopo or else she’ll be walking into the lion’s den in a broad day light. What she needs is an alternative university to complete her studies. Kwaito used to brag to Lelo about going to UJ in 2015. Lelo knows of Kwaito’s plan in 2015 but Kwaito does not know of hers. Interesting, isn’t it?

Lelo is not finished with Seakamela junior. She’s in big problems with the publisher because of Kwaito. UJ is a public university. If Lelo meets the requirements and is able to afford the fees, then she’s in. We all need quality education and UJ needs money to keep the university afloat.

Zamo (with Lelo’s accent) watch out my boy. Let the drama begin. I’ll be watching.


3 responses

  1. I luv skeem saam nd I’m a hyg fan of the soapie nd the nu fyccz of Skeem Saam Jama kekana nd Zamokuhle’s roommyt mmmm,Id also lyk to act on da shw 2

  2. Charmaine Moosa | Reply

    Tbose yew r such n amazing guy.

  3. # hot l love you would u send me more pictures of you

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