Nambitha Mpumlwana scrutinizes her ‘falling apart’ house.

Nambitha Mpumlwana

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The media branded super diva, Nambitha Mpumlwana is spitting fire! Nambitha, who has a good reputation of dominating the media’s headlines due to alleged diva antics is on the spotlight again and this time for living in a shabby, worn-out house.

The Sunday Sun reported about the alleged poor state of Nambitha’s house. “Doors and gates are falling apart and it’s the only house in the area that looks like a wreck. That house resembles a haunted mansion.”

Early last week, a picture of Nambitha’s house was posted on twitter and the Xhosa speaking actress could not leave the matter lying down.

“This week someone put pictures of my home on Twitter! My home, on such a public platform! Considering how jealously I guard my privacy, I took serious offence to this.

“My son and I wondered if there was someone following us home recently. I have been stalked before, but never noticed being followed home.

“The comments following the picture referred to my home being run down, unkempt,” Nambitha said.

The actress went on to say “I then took a really good look at my home. From room to room, I studied the walls, the pictures we have taken and framed throughout Vangile’s childhood.”

The power of 1

Last week, A re di fefere received an anonymous tip-off with a document titled “Nambitha Mpumlwana- The Real Nambitha,” probably the same document that the Sunday Sun journalist received.

In the document, the anonymous source noted that “Nambitha who proudly declares herself as a diva is said to be one of the struggling actresses in South Africa with her home in Randburg looking nothing like the Mawande we love and adore. [sic]

“Doors are falling, gates are falling and it the only house in the vicinity that looks like a wreck. She is also driving an old Volvo that is a bad condition fo a super star and a diva.” [sic]

The source went on to allege that “after being fired by Generations the actress went to hospital… When in hospital the actress could not afford her medical bill and call on Lebo for assistance who raised R1800 for her; and the actor failing to afford the hospital bill became an embarrassing matter in her close circle.” [Sic]


One response

  1. Nambitha is one of my fav. Actresses,, Thy alwys giv her a strng & powerful character

    #lov Namb Namb

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