Pleasure tsa manyalo releases a new album.


Pleasure Peta, by far the most loved manyalo artist in the country, is expected to release her highly anticipated 8th wedding project on Saturday 29 November 2014.

The album, with the title track yet to be announced, is expected to outdo all the previous seven projects; this because Pleasure’s pending album includes stimulating songs that have never been heard in the manyalo industry before and the style she employs is exceptional.

With the extraordinary beats and sounds cut from the same cloth as Mengwaga ye Lesome and Kgalemela lenyašo, Pleasure vol 8 is expected to shove any new album to the dustbin.

As the saying goes, when Pleasure sneezes, the rest of the industry catches the cold, and this is likely to remain true because Pleasure’s awaiting vol 8 has gained wide spread popularity even though the album is 25 days away from hitting the market.

Although not much details surrounding the album is public knowledge, however, Pleasure has released the lyrics of two songs that have since been dubbed ‘Eiye’ and ‘Putsu tsa Maratha’.


Eiye: Ge o se sa morata buti se mmolaye, mmosetše gae go batswadi ba gagwe. O be o eme pele ga baruti, o eme pele ga phuthego and promised to love her till her dies. Bjale o iphetošie eiye, o mohlapiša ka meokgo…


Putsu tsa maratha: Tsogang le bone… Masogana a robega melala ba rata go bona… Buti Eseu o re tletše le ngwano’ montle, wa tlalo le boreletšana… Se mogate ka putsu tša maratha.

Pleasure’s projects since the begin of her music career.

2005: Pleasure vol 1 (Setagwa)

2007: Pleasure vol 2 (Jwaleng)

2009: Pleasure vol 3 (Lesedi)

2010: Pleasure vol 4 (Lefotwana)

2011: Pleasure vol 5 (Mepipi)

2012: Pleasure vol 6 (Banyadi)

2013: Pleasure vol 7 (Seatlantepeng)

2014: Pleasure vol 8 (Yet to be announced)

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4 responses

  1. Matjatji a thoma go nanya bjalo ka leobu…

  2. matshidiso from muvhango is crazy about Ndalamo

  3. LELO from skeem saam eish ke mathata

  4. Pleasure is indeed a special star.

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