17 reasons Kelly should mourn the death of Senzo.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

If you are a stern conservative, this article will certainly not sit well with you. Forgive me, but I’m not going to shy away from telling my perspective for the reason that it may not sit well with some traditionalists.

I’m not here to win anyone’s favour, but to tell my uncensored standpoint; not only for the benefit of Ms Kelly Khumalo but for the sake of all my dearest sisters who may, one day, find themselves in the same predicament as Kelly’s. Women are not commodities, they too have feelings that men should respect.

Kelly Khumalo shall be well within her rights if she decides to mourn the passing of Senzo Meyiwa and the following are some of the reasons:

  • Kelly was in a relationship with Senzo for over a year. Common sense tells me that a romantic relationship is a union between two people. Both partakers enter into a relationship as willing participants
  • Kelly, as a willing participant entered into a relationship with Senzo and so was he.
  • And the two were therefore called ‘lovers’.
  • Senzo, in his personal capacity, chose to be with Kelly even though the former was still married to his wife.
  • He supported Ms Khumalo as his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter.
  • Senzo always wanted to show support to his girlfriend. He would drive Kelly to performances, sit and watch her perform and thereafter drive her back to their place.
  • And Kelly, in reciprocate, responded with the same affection. She supported her boyfriend in his soccer career.
  • Kelly and Senzo escalated their relationship to the next level, arguably to the same standard as to that of married couple.
  • The two moved in together, staying as a husband and wife.
  • A Christian would jump in to say ‘it was adulterous’ but unfortunately the two were comfortable in their adulterous love nest.
  • The two probably slept in one bed and did everything that a married couple would do when they jump into bed together under a normal circumstance.
  • Then why should it be a taboo and culturally prohibited today for Kelly to mourn the death of the very man she was in cohabitation with?
  • Do people need a home affairs married certificate to be regarded as legitimate widows?
  • Or perhaps an introduction to the family’s ancestors is a fitting application form for one to be considered a widow?
  • Who are they mourning for, a married certificate, the family’s ancestors or their recently deceased boyfriends?
  • Kelly was not Senzo’s part time girlfriend & the same goes for Senzo. He was not Kelly’s casual boyfriend. The two were staying under one roof, sharing bills together.
  • They committed themselves to each other with a possible prospect of being Mr & Mrs Meyiwa one day.
  • In conclusion, can we say ‘cohabitation at own risk?’

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2 responses

  1. i ve been waiting for the post bia.mi email. whre hve u been Tilo throygh out the day. tell us more abt this. was kelly there at his boyfriends funeral.

  2. Honestly its disgusting the way Kelly is being treated, Senzo was not cheating, He made it publicly for everyone to see including His own family. Nd this mandisa is not the 1st or the last to experience the walking away of the husband, akgaaaa..! she is not gold coated nd WE ALL KNOW SENZO LOVED KELLY. KELLY & SENZO KNEW HOW TO LOVE EACH OTHER, & SENZO WAS HAPPY AROUND KELLY, mxm mandisa

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