Perhaps Senzo would have loved Kelly to say goodbye to him.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Whether we consent to it or not, Senzo Meyiwa and Kelly Khumalo were in love with each other and the two never shied away from showing their affection on social media. The two entered into their relationship as willing participants.

Common sense tells me that people of Kelly and Senzo’s ages know what they are doing and also the consequences of their actions.

Subsequent to Kelly realizing that Senzo was a married man with two children, Ms Khumalo never intended to rob Mandisa’s children the privilege of being with their dad. Senzo would, time and again, visit Mandisa as it has recently emerged that Mr and Mrs Meyiwa were still in contact with each other.

Perhaps it is also fair to mention that before Kelly dated Senzo, already Mandisa and Senzo were experiencing marital problems; and even Senzo did say that Kelly should not be blamed for his marital woes with his wife.

Senzo Meyiwa

Tingo (Kelly’s seven month old baby) is Senzo’s daughter and it is quite unfortunate to those who don’t like the idea but it shall always remain like that to the end of the world. We cannot change the DNA, can we? According to me, it will be selfish and unintelligent to deny an innocent child the opportunity to say goodbye to her dearest dad.

Mandisa, as Senzo’s wife, is going through a difficult time. No one deserves to love their loved ones the way she lost Senzo irrespective of whether they were in good terms or not. I would also like to extend my since condolences to Mrs Meyiwa, Mandisa.

However, Mandisa is not the only woman who is devastated by the sudden death of Senzo, Kelly is equally hurt. Not only has she lost the father to her daughter, but a boyfriend whom she loved so dearly and a Nooooooooooooooooo 1 soccer star as Kelly would normally write it on social media.

Ms Khumalo does not have sit on a mattress, wear a black veil and mourn for Senzo, no; the man had a wife called Mandisa who is in a better position to take up that role and responsibility. But that should not be translated as suggesting that Kelly ought to be barred from attending Senzo’s funeral.

Kelly and Baby

I’m thinking of what Senzo would have liked to see happen if people had the opportunity to ask him who he would like to attend his funeral. We don’t have to force the situation to make sense, Senzo made it clear that he wants to be with Kelly. The two had their ups and downs but they always found a way to get back together!

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3 responses

  1. Kelly must be arested and throw the keys are way for killing Meyiwa she’s the one to blame for his death

  2. calling kelly by names will not change the fact that senzo was deeply in love with Kelly…maybe he loved his wife but he was in love with the other woman.The wife knew that and it is not a shock that Senzo was cheating. I don’t calling it cheating something that is done in public more especial when the man was planning to marry Kelly.I believe that kelly has handled everything well.she will be strong.strong. Mandisa should just go sit on the mattress as a wife and leave kelly alone.

  3. RIP Senzo Nzori Meyiwa, and with regard to calling Ms Khumalo names it is so wrong and she is mourning the death of Tingo dad whom he died n her arms.

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