Senzo’s death a big blow for Kelly Khumalo


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

It has been confirmed that South African seasoned goal keeper, Senzo Meyiwa is no more. Meyiwa was shot dead on Sunday 26 October 2014 (exactly a month after he celebrated his 27th birthday) and details surrounding his passing still remain vague.

Senzo, who was elected captain for Orlando Pirates, won numerous accolades and his outstanding performance in the foot field captured the attention of many people.

However, it was not only Senzo’s football career that made him the household name and saw the 27 year old gentleman dominating the media’s headlines, but his private life too.

As of lately, Senzo private life came to be at the centre of attention after it has emerged that he was seeing controversial South African singer, Kelly Khumalo behind his wife’s back, Mandisa.

Senzo-Kelly relationship left many tongues wagging with Senzo’s parents quick to disown Kelly citing immorality and bad news while rallying behind their makoti, Mandisa. The extent to which Senzo’s parents vehemently despise Kelly became apparent when the Qinisela hit maker apparently visited the Meyiwas to show them their granddaughter.

Senzo Meyiwa

Then, it was reported that the Meyiwas sent the visibly emotionally hurt Kelly packing without giving her an audience. During this time, Mandisa, Senzo’s official wife had already moved out of the place she was sharing with Senzo.

Although many people were against the relationship of Kelly and Senzo, however the latter seemed unfazed. She loved Kelly for who she really was. Kelly was seen, in numerous occasions, attending private functions with Senzo and the two would pose for pictures together and thereafter post them on social media.

About two weeks ago when Senzo went for interview on Thursday Night Live with Marawa on the Super Sport 4 Channel, Kelly was invited as a surprise artist for exclusive performance. Senzo was then asked to introduce Kelly’s performance but the visibly love struck goalie struggled to get his tongue moving- he was literally out of words for seconds.

Then, it became clear to everyone that Senzo and Kelly are madly in love with each other. Senzo always supported Kelly and it seems he has never stopped loving her even after everything the two have gone through.


But now that he is gone, one cannot help it but wonder how Kelly is doing during this ordeal especially taking into account few factors that probably weigh a lot in times like this.

  • Kelly & Senzo were dating but not married
  • Senzo and wife were reportedly separated, but the former continued seeing Kelly
  • By the time of his death, Senzo and Mandisa were still married
  • Senzo’s parents were never vague, they supported Mandisa
  • They don’t want to see Kelly’s footsteps + her baby

Therefore, questions such as the ones that follow would always pop up:

  • Will Kelly be allowed to attend the funeral of his beloved boyfriend & father of her child?
  • Will the Meyiwas finally accept Kelly?
  • What will happen to Tingo, Senzo & Kelly’s baby?







10 responses

  1. I wish dey can not accept her,she was selfish 2wards mandisa,after she find out dat senzo is marrid she was suppose 2 back off,she hurt poor mandisa.i love senzo’s parents dey are fair.

  2. OMG and no one is saying anything about his wife. We had to hear from the UK news that Senzo was with his wife before going to his concubine’s house and he was going to go back to her…u damn SA journos seems to side with Kelly while u supposed to be cover both sides of the story.

  3. A man who cannot confirm that he’s in a relationship and always says”NO COMMENT” Os a man who’s unsure of what he wants…even if he spent more tym with Kelly.He might hv been confused or something i dnt wanna mention…….

  4. Kelly khumalo she’s involve of senzo’s death.there is no need kelly attend a funeral coz she’s a murder

  5. Mxm kelly is a witch for all she has done 2 Mandisa imagine if it was u,u not a lady 2 do dis 2 another female n ull neva come alright u say u a who christ says u a well God is against divorce n u shud knw better since u call ur self a christian mxm u make me sick!!!Mandisa all de way may God be wit u n I hope ull live up 2 de vow u made before God till death do us part!!!

  6. Tingo is really innocent in this, the Meyiwa family must not turn their backs on the child. It must be very difficult for Mandisa to have your husband killed at the mistresses’ home. Imagine the humiliation!! As for Kelly she should have stayed away from Senzo as soon as she “found out” about her. No doubt Kelly is a home wrecker, even though it takes 2 to be in a relationship, as a woman she should have known better.

  7. Kelly is a bitch and shud remain lyk d@ guy she ws feeding off that Ben10 n nw d@ he’s gone she wants sympathy no ways she’s trouble n shud b thrown to the sharks. Mandisa is the1 we shud b feeling sorry4 nt the fake Kelly with no morals!!!!

  8. The Meyiwa’s cannot control the anger of South Africans towards Kelly. Kelly must dare not attend this funeral. She knows she was a girlfriend, not a wife. No parent can allow a girlfriend while there is their son’s wife, especially one loved like Mandisa.

  9. The Meyiwas cannot control the anger of South Africans towards Kelly. Kelly must dare not attend this funeral. She knows she was a girlfriend, not a wife. No parent can allow a girlfriend while there is their son’s wife, especially one loved like Mandisa.

  10. Being a girlfriend while there is a wife undoubtedly means you are hidden under the bed and you are not to be seen. Kelly must accept this and stay away from the Meyiwa family and Senzo’s wife.

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