Skeem Saam: Why John & Meikie will always fight.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Sepedi sa gešo se re: ‘ya maswi ga e ke tswale.’ Ge se tšwela pele se re ‘kgomo ka mo gobe e wetšwa ke namane.’

Clockwise: the two idioms can be interpreted as saying, in most of the time children are not a true reflection of their parents as far self conduct and behaviour are concerned. Also, children in their pursuit of what is wrong and right shall attract troubles and or problems along the way that will inevitably become their patents’ issues- and that’s exactly what is happening in the Maputla household.

Meikie and John are forever are each other throats because of the mistakes that their two boys, T’bose and Leeto commit. Although the two parents are always lenient when it comes to T’bose who happens to be their obvious favourite boy, but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the family’s black sheep, Leeto.


Mr TV Police sees Meikie as egoistical. She thinks highly of herself. She can’t have the same couches as Celia Kunutu. The fact that her neighbour Ma Ntuli stays in a government built house, and would, time and again, ask for sugar from the Maputla house probably gives the Turfloop Madam a sense of importance in the community.

For someone like Meikie, she can’t afford bad publicity. The only thing people should know about her is that she is well off, she runs her own supermarket, the husband is a lecturer, she stays in a Turfloop-standard mansion, and her second born is doing grade 12 with a prospect of studying at UJ next year.

Simply put, Meikie’s name should be associated with only the good things but unfortunately such a life is a fallacy and the princess of Mankweng is learning the hard way. Her two boys are not helping the situation as they always attract bad publicity, and because of that, Meikie and John will forever lock horns.

John thinks that Leeto should be left alone to learn his lesson in life. Although Meikie agrees, but she seems to disagree with John on the extend that Leeto should be left to stand on his own feet. Meikie understands that Leeto’s blunders would come back to tarnish the Maputla reputation hence she always insist on cleaning after Leeto’s messes. Meikie can’t afford to have her reputation tarnished, never!

Pictures: Skeem Saam (Facebook)


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