Skeem Saam: T’bos should face the missing condom debacle.

 T'bos and Mapitsi

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Thabo Maputla is certainly the product of cheese and yoghurt. In simple language, the boy has been spoilt by his parents who, time and again, have failed to call him to order. To some certain extend, the Maputla’s are to be blamed for T’bos wild and unacceptable manners.

Who, in their right minds, allow their teenage kid to bring a girlfriend in their house in a broad day light? From the beginning, Meikie has supported the idea of T’bos taking Mapitsi to matric dance as his date. She even sponsored the elegant dress Mapitsi wore.

The truth is the Maputlas support T’bos in his childish games and not only verbally, but they are also willing to provide financial assistance. Because of that, T’bos will never learn a tough lesson.

Mr TV Police has noted that Meikie and John are not prepared to teach their son what is wrong and right in a meaningful way, therefore he has taken it upon himself to lambast T’bos and also to call him to order.

T'bos and Mapitsi kissing

  • Dear T’bos, blaming Leeto for failing to be a good role model to you won’t make your own personal problems go away. As far as I could ascertain, it wasn’t Leeto who was prosecuted for the killing of Ben Kunutu.
  • Leeto is single and has no child to call him ‘daddy.’ Even if he decides it’s about time to be a father, I’ll congratulate him. He’s 25 years old. But for now, he’s certainly not the one with the possibility of being a teenage daddy to two children.
  • Leeto is the black sheep of the family. He does almost everything for and by himself because he feels alienated. He’s a huge contrast to your childish grumpiness.
  • Unlike you, Leeto knows that there’s no Meikie or John who would come to his rescue.
  • Lastly, you are directing your anger to the wrong person. Instead, you should be blaming Meikie and John for spoiling you and also for shying away to bring you to order.

Skeem Saam is on SABC 1 at 20:00 from Monday to Friday.


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  1. enhle he was a very good. I like skeem saam enhle, tbose, zamokuhle,I think the last two months in the morning and afternoon.

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