Muvhango: Susan, watch out for the snake!


The unprecedented has happened! The past few days have been very hectic for everyone in the royal house. If it was not Mulondo and Muvhango exchanging blows, then it was the royal divas embroiled in dirty spats.

The royal house has been turned into a rumble wresting ring. Why tune into e-tv to watch the imported American made wrestling whereas you can watch the proudly homemade Venda wrestling with sesi Fheli being the decisive referee?

Susan’s incessant dreams of a snake have started it all. Of course she did not know who the snake was, in a literal meaning. But thanks to sesi Fheli, Susan has come to hold a view that Pfulwani is the snake she’s been dreaming about.

Seeing that it might take Susan forever to find who the real snake it, Mr TV Police has taken it upon himself to give Susan hints about who the real snake is.

  • Mr TV Police rules out the prospect of Pfulwani being the snake that keeps bothering Susan in her dreams.
  • However, even from a distance, he can tell that sesi Fheli is the snake in the royal family.
  • Only a day after the snake was discovered in Azwindini’s bedroom, sesi Fheli came knocking on the royal family desperately looking for accommodation.
  • Mulimisi has, in more than one occasion, said Susan is too accommodating and her kindness will land her into trouble.
  • It can’t be a coincidence that Mulimisi’s utterance comes around the same time as sesi Fheli’s visit to the royal family.
  • Susan and Pfulwani have been staying under the same roof since 2006 and no warnings of a perilous snake have surfaced. Why now, especially with the arrival of sesi Fheli?
  • Sesi Fheli acts as if she cares for her cousin whom she has never seen since she got married, but in reality she’s been going out of her way to make Susan’s life miserable.
  • Fheli knows she’s the snake. She’s just being proactive trying to protect herself. Why is she so comfortable with taking Susan to Mama, the sangoma (Mr TV Police holds a view that Brenda Mukwevho, who played the role of Lufuno, has risen from the dead to play the role of Mama Sangoma). Is there a conspiracy between Mama and sesi Fheli?
  • The succession battle at the royal house is censored. However, sesi Fheli has managed to turn Muvhango against Mulondo, telling the former that he’s more important than the latter by virtue of his lineage.
  • Lastly, Mulondo and Muvhango grew up knowing that they are brothers. Although time and again the issue of royal blood was at the fore front, it was always limited to their parents only. But thanks to sesi Fheli, now Muvhango knows he ranks higher than his inferior brother.

Susan my dear, I have heard people praising you for being wise. I can only wonder why is it so difficult for you now to see who the real snake is. But anyway, Mr Police is here, he says Fheli is the snake, and not Pfulwani.


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