Exclusive: Axed Generations actor spotted selling in the streets.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Times are tough for fired Generations actors. As the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Now former actors of the popular SABC 1 soapie are using their faces and or brands to escape being embroiled in dire financial crisis.

This past Saturday (11 October 2014) A re di fefere spotted one Generations actor running up and down selling in the streets of Polokwane, Limpopo. The actor was none other than Noluva Ntapu who played nosy Patricia, Queen’s business partner at Mocha Mama’s.


Although Noluva and other call actors did not participate in the Generations strike with the aim of safeguarding their jobs, however they also found themselves in the streets queuing for available jobs in the market.

This after Mfundi decided to terminate their contracts because he did not know how to incorporate their characters in the new plot of Generations, the Daily Sun reported.

Noluva was in Polokwane with IFA (Independent Field Advertiser), which is the network marketing division for Clientele Life insurance. Wearing a light black and white striped summer dress and IFA cap, Noluva ran after potential clients in the frosty weather in an attempt to secure their signatures and invite them to the IFA presentations.

Unlike her business associates, Noluva seemed to attract large crowd who were mostly interested in the famous-Generations-actress-Patricia persona and less about the IFA business. When one fan asked about Generations, although not interested in answering, Noluva finally said: “Generations is coming back in December,”

“But with a completely new cast,” the fan interjected.

“Stop gossiping about Generations. That won’t give you R10. I want you to start gossiping about IFA,” the visibly unimpressed Noluva answered.


When one fan of Generations who just joined the crowd mistakenly identified Noluva as ‘Sarah’, this time much collected and reserved, the Xhosa speaking actress said “Ke Patricia. Mosadi ka Wilfred” (I’m Patricia, Wilfred’s wife). She attempted to answer in Sepedi.

The well spoken actress recruited the masses to join IFA, bragging to them that her life has changed for the better since she joined IFA. Noluva claimed that she used to rent a flat but she now owns a house worth millions, and compliments to the IFA.




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