Former Culture Spears member in Solo career crisis


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Thembeni Ramosetheng, who left Culture Spears amid claims of purging and unhappiness to launch his solo career, is in a serious fix. This after it was revealed that not all is well in his camp.

Ramosetheng, who is associated with the hit tracks such as Borikhirikhiri, Bodimo, Kentane and Phala, among others, from the popular cultural group, stated that two of his female dancers have been hit by cars in two different occasions since the advent of his solo career.


Clock Wise: Magdeline Lesolebe, Malebogo Sephikwe, Sophie Ndaba, Tumelo Lesole and Thembeni Ramosetheng.

This leaves Ramosetheng with only one female dancer and three male dancers. The ill-fated situation has compelled Ramosetheng to postpone the release of his DVD since the video production is not complete.

The soft spoken artists wrote on his facebook page: “May God have mercy on me. Ke kgale ke itidimaletse mme ke bona gore ke a lekwa. Fa ke pala ga ke itse gore why ba sa itlhoboge rather than go bolawe bana ba batho (my dancers). Bone molato wa bone ke eng, kana ba molato go nthusa? Mme kama Modimo ga se mosimanyana!”

English translation: May God have mercy on me. I have been very quiet but I can clearly see that I am tested. Why are my dancers made to suffer? I fail to understand why they are victimized if the enemy’s plans fail to prosper on me. What wrong have they (dancers) committed? Or perhaps their mistake was to help me out? Nonetheless, I know God is not a boy.

Ramosetheng went further to explain to his sympathetic fans that the first dancer was hit by a car in July while shooting a music video. The accident left her leg fractured and was due to remove the supporting medical aid on August 28 but was instead told by the hospital that they will be extending the date.


CAN’T DANCE: One of the dancers who was hit by a car. Picture: Facebook.

On August 29, tragedy happened again but this time to a different dancer who was also hit by a car that left her leg fractured and the dancer also suffered stitched on her head.

All these incidents have put a strain on Ramosetheng’s career who pleaded with fans and supporters to pray for his group.

Ramosetheng recorded and released his solo album, Lepara la Koko outside the Kulenyane studios. The album was recorded in Mpumalanga province, South Africa and given the current situation; it remains unknown as to when the DVD will hit the market.


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  1. i wish God is the source of evrything. culture spears has now began to be a family group since all the dancers moves according to suffient funds that they are paid by its management including C.E.O Of culture spears Kabelo mogwe. i really simpathies with Thembeni as culture spears loose its value. lets look at previous ages before culture spears started hitting the media, we dont have to hit aroud the bush,this group had the melodious music i could say coz Thembenis voice was the one to be heard whn comes to men bt today culture spears on kulanche its nothing. Tilo lets look forward what will happen to this group. i really swear an oath, nowhere this group is going. Lekuba keabetsoe LESOTHO

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