Charma Gal vs. Slizer: Botswana’s best female artists.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Magdeline Lesolebe-Mogwe who goes by the sobriquet Charma Gal and Slizer, real name Naledi Kaisara have Botswana dancing to their melodious tunes. Both artists have worked really hard in the past years to promote their brands from both locally to outside the geographic boundaries of the country of their origin.

Both artists are well known for their talents. Their music is widely consumed in neighboring countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Namibia among others. However, that’s not the only thing they are known for.


It is an open secret that Charma Gal and Slizer do not see eye to eye. The animosity between the two have been highly documented in the media with Charma Gal opening a can of worms labeling Slizer an ‘attention seeker’ who should focus her energies on sorting out her cluttered private life. Slizer’s face has dominated the headlines of many local newspapers due to her failed relationships.

But of course that does not mean Charma Gal is clean from scandals. Social media users are very critical of her, charging the Jeremane hit maker as the reason behind the collapse of Culture Spears.


This after Thembeni Ramosetheng, infamous for his Rra Mozara comedies called it a quit and the future of another member, Lydia Oile known as Nchadinyana hangs in the balance as she is constantly left out from the group’s performances and tours. Fans and industry colleagues allege that the Tswapong born singer is bad-mannered towards colleagues and fans.

However, as scandal prone as these artists may be, we simply can’t ignore the fact that they are very talented and when they sing they make one notice their presence. Charma Gal has proclaimed herself ‘Kgosi ya mosadi’, ‘Dr Dr Morena Charma Gal.’ Slizer has equally labeled herself ‘sekgantswane sa Botswana.’

But now let’s take a closer look into their music and point out the similarities and differences. Charma Gal is from the award winning cultural group, Culture Spears and because of that, her music is widely affected by what her home group stands for.

Charma Gal’s afro pop music is a family music. Although the target market is youth but the music can also be consumed by the whole family.


Slizer, on the other hand, targets a completely different market. She uses the art of seduction and sex to sell her music and she’s not even apologetic about that. She’s less concerned about your conservative father and mother. Her market is the young people with full of energy and the groove to rock the dance floor. She’s the star of her own show. She twerks and brings out all the sexy elements to her music, a lane that Charma Gal would probably not want to explore as that may upset her fans.

Charma Gal tries to diversify her music by fusing in different genres. She just doesn’t stick to one genre. For example, songs such as Mmamoleyane, Matebele, Chika, Bomme, Mabebeza, Sutu, and Motswalle among others are different from one another and all have different sounds, IMPRESSIVE!


Slizer’s musical sound is not entirely homogenous but at the same time you’ll have the full album sounding almost the same. The beasts have the same rhythm and effects and at times one finds it difficult to distinguish between the different songs. Slizer is full energy. She wants to kwasa-kwasa and turn the stage alight. She just doesn’t believe in recording a song that will have Charma Gal’s sutu & Mma Nnana effect.

In terms of dancing, Charma Gal is not the greatest dancer but she knows how to move her body and there’s something exciting that will leave you wanting to see her dance again and again. She put on this mesmerizing smile as she dances and everything just falls into place.

But as for Slizer, there’s no need to debate it or even hit around the bush. From a distance, you can see that she is a talented dancer. Dancing completes her. She dares dance the moves that are out of this world. Splendid, superb, Slizer is one energetic passionate dancer.


Lastly I would like to compare the production quality of both artists. Charma Gal videos have exciting concepts and the directing is just okay. But the visual quality is of lower standard compared to that of her counterpart, Slizer. The fact that she is a fashion designer comes in handy with the wardrobe of the dancers. I admire the boots Charma Gal wears.


But in terms of make-up, Charma gal and team need to wake up and smell the coffee. They can’t rely on home practiced make-up and credit Malebogo Sephikwe and Magdeline Mogwe as make-up artists, really? That one is a big no! no! I could have forgiven them if they were doing it right but they are messing it up instead. STOP IT!


But the choreography of their dance moves is splendid. That team is doing a very great job. But while on that I cannot ignore the fact that Charma Gal videos are of low budget. They are practically using the same setting to cut down the production expenses.

For example, from Matebele, Mokgwenyane and Chomi ya me DVDs most of the scenes are shot at Culture Spears mansion in Gaborone. For once I thought they are advertising the house. If that’s the case, mission accomplished. We’ve seen the house, it’s beautiful but the time is now to move on to other locations. Plus the house needs painting, not as appealing as it used to be on television and the couches need a proper cleansing as well. CULTURE SPEARS MANSION, KICK IT!

Let’s move along swiftly to Slizer. The management of this artist invests heavily in the video-shooting. They use different natural locations which impacts the travelling budget. The editing of the video is of top class and probably cost a fortune to pull together, THUMB UP!


Whoever does Slizer’s make-up the person is doing justice to her beautiful face. The make-up brings out the beautiful Slizer as she is and of course it is done professionally.


I don’t have a problem with Slizer and her erotic dance moves, because that’s her choice. But can’t she at least attempt to reclaim her authenticity and come up with normal, socially acceptable dance moves? At least not for my sake, but for the benefit of those kids who look up to her? I haven’t forgotten what she said in the past that ‘ke Slizer wa bana.’ BAD ROLE MODEL TO KIDS, OUT WITH THOSE MOVES!

I can’t begin to think of my mom and me watching Slizer in Diwewe DVD nor allow my nephews to access the video. But of course I wouldn’t have a problem with them playing around with Charma Gal’s videos. Slizer in Diwewe: Parental advice, strictly no under 18.

There you have it, you can make up your mind, who is Botswana’s first lady? I go with this one…..





9 responses

  1. phumudzo angel mabatha | Reply

    i would go 4 a charma gal

  2. Slizer is the musical the Queen of Botswana!!

    1. Nop slizer is not queen of Botswana I like charm you are the first lady

  3. Dear, I am addressing you as a great singer and music connoisseurs.
    I have been involved in composing and I have the perfect song for you. The song is protected under the name “South Africa” and it can be a big hit in the whole of Africa, USA, UK and so on.
    If you are interested in a demo, I can let the mail, if you give me a signal. Song isperfect

  4. Yooo charms girl keep it up. I also like the way y dress and yr videos too

  5. She’s kinder a sex addict

  6. Brenda Munengami | Reply

    I love Charma gal

  7. Thy taking rabish ka charma gal she is a nice person

  8. keep it up guy’z we are almost with u, to appreciate u.

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