Why Mfundi won’t take back the 16 fired Generations actors.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Down the memory lane of the Generations saga: It’s Monday 18 August 2014 and the SABC and MMSV productions announce the mass sacking of 16 striking Generations actors. The announcement is soon followed by a joint press conference of the two said parties.

At the press conference, Mfundi played a victim card, claiming to have been betrayed by the actors he’s been far too kind towards. He claimed to have settled the medical bills of one actor who did not have a medical aid. It was later revealed that the actor was none other than veteran actor, Menzi Ngubane who disputed Mfundi’s father Teresa claims.

The Generations boss admitted the crisis before him but was quick to add that they took a risk by firing the actors and vowed to come back strong. The SABC added that Generations is going nowhere and will continue playing on its leading channel, SABC 1.

On Friday the public broadcaster announced that Generations will temporarily go off air for the duration of two months starting from 1 October to allow the production company to shoot new episodes.

Gen 1

Meanwhile it has emerged that the 16 actors have been written out and will not feature in the “new Generations” as it been termed. The Generations bosses and script writers have kept mum about the new property, insisting that it is a ‘top secret.’

Currently doing the rounds is rumour that Connie Ferguson who played Karabo Moroka and Rapulana Seiphemo (Tau Mogale) in the soapie have been approached to re-join Generations. Radio personality Bonang Matheba is also billed to play the role of Dineo Mashaba in the new Generations.

It seems Mfundi wants Generations to resurface with the Morokas reclaiming their legacy. This after it has emerged that Sello Maake ka Ncube (Archie Moroka) has also been approached but has apparently told the Generations bosses to go next door as he’s not interested.

This while the Generations actors remain steadfast and have escalated their battle to the greater height. They have taken their reality drama to the labour court to compel Mfundi to take them back.

Gen 5

The relationship of the two parties reached a bottom rock when the actors held their own press briefing for the first time after their sacking. Actors made startling claims that did not sit well with their previous boss.

Among others, Patrick Shai (Patrick Tlhaole) expressed that the money he earned from Generations he could feed his dogs with. Menzi Ngubane delivered a heart breaking speech that left his co-stars deep in tears. He explained that he received a call sheet saying he should report for work on Monday after he was released from hospital on Friday.

Gen 2

actor Zikhona Sodlaka (Priska Nomvete) alleged that Mfundi is not the owner of MMSV productions but simply an employee who works for the Starks, the producer of Generations. She went further to say white actors are treated way better than their black counterparts and that they have their own separate dressing rooms.

Winnie Ntshaba (Khetiwe Ngcobo) alleged that when the infant Mpilo passed away, they were not allowed to attend the funeral because they had to be on set shooting. Soon after his death, there was already a recast of Mpilo

Gen 3

Since then, Mfundi has made it clear that he does not want to work with the fired 16 actors. Thus far he has stuck by his tough decision even if it means appearing before the labour court- he’s just not willing to take them back. Not now, not ever!


Pictures: EWN, Times live and Sunday World


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  1. Mmh what a terible story generation wil neva b d same wthout u guyz

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