Exclusive: He used to date girls but he’s now a gay prostitute.


Based in Johannesburg, *Mr Big claims to give the best sex ever with his 22 cm tool. But ladies, don’t get too excited; Mr Big only gets down with gays and charges R300 (a round) for his erotic service.

Whilst A re di fefere was conducting a research on homosexual prostitution, we came across his advert on a gay dating site. Curiosity got the better of us. We decided to contact him for more information about the sexual services he offers his clients.

He’s very prompt. In less than 10 minutes he responded back to our inquiry. He’s willing to talk to us only on a condition that we pay him plus we protect his identity. Agreed, we are not going to ask his name nor plead with him to provide a picture.

Mr Big also asks that we deposit at least ten per cent of the agreed price through the Shoprite money market counter and thereafter send him the details via a business email. This is to ensure that everything remains discreet and we never get to know Mr Big’s details.

“I don’t date gays. I only sleep with them in exchange for cash. Look at it this way, I run a business and gays contact me for sex. They do so willingly. We agree there’s no strings attached.

“I charge R300 a round, R250 for two rounds and R200 for three rounds. I only take up to 3 rounds. Alternatively we can have a full day/night service at a cost of R1000,” explained Mr Big.

Although Mr Big is certain of R1000 following a long night sexual service, however he told us that he seldom takes the all night offers because they pay less compared to one rounds that could give him about R1 500 with 5 different clients.

He also confirmed to A re di fefere that he has a very high sex drive and uses special pills to complement his libido.

gays 1

“One of my regular clients once told me that what he likes about me is that I’m not a quickie. He really has no complains about the money he pays me because I provide him with the best sex. He tips me on a casual basis.

“You’ll be surprised to find out how many gay men are out there. Experience has taught me that some men marry because culture dictates that they should take a wife but deep inside they are not straight. But not that I’m complaining, they are my clients and pay my bills. That’s all matters.

Not only do Mr Big and clients engage in penetration sex, but oral sex too.

“My clients are different. For example, married men who are curious about the gay world come to me for oral sex. We would only kiss and wank. They are just not interested in penetration sex.

“Gays would organize a three sum or an orgy and then invite me to their place. By that way, that pays too well. I would never say no to that!”

But the R300 Mr Big charges is not the only cost involved. If you want to use his service you should have your own place plus transport to pick him up.

“But in a situation whereby my clients don’t have own transport I take a taxi even though I prefer to be fetched by a car. But when it comes to accommodation I don’t compromise. You should have your own place.”

When asked if he doesn’t think he’s being unreasonable and asks too much from his clients, he responded, “my clients never complained. In fact some of them, especially the curious men, would book at a hotel just for my service.”

Mr Big tells that he does everything his clients require. His main objective is to satisfy “the bum that pays my bills.” Although he sleeps with homosexuals every day, he nonetheless argues that he’s straight and has a wish of marrying a woman one day.

“I would like to have a big family with the woman of my dream. What I’m doing now is purely business because life is difficult out there. Sleeping with gays does not define my sexuality.”

Even though he consents that his encounters with gays have evoked feelings for homosexuals, he remains steadfast that he’ll never have a serious commitment with a gay man.

“I used to date girls. That was before I realized that they contributed to my ongoing poverty because they would ask me for things I could not afford because of unemployment.

“Unlike girls who are stingy, gays are willing to pay for my service.

Although Mr Big declined to reveal his nationality, he nonetheless confirmed that he was a black man in his early 30s.


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  1. Thumbs up boy, u are a star in de making, keep it up

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