Pleasure tsa manyalo: Gadifele o na le matepe.


Pleasure’s Wedding Girls’ new album, it’s a wedding day has given life to the manyalo industry. The industry has since been abuzz with excitement following the release of the album on Saturday 2 August 2014.

It’s a wedding day remains the fourth album for Pleasure’s Wedding Girls and succeeds the hit album, Kgalemela lenyatso. The album comprises of many hit tracks of the likes of Lenyalong, Re tlo bina, Re kwele, Rakgadi, Tselane inter alia.

Among many other songs, one song that has really captured the attention of various people is called Gadifele. The track is indeed ear-deserving and its heavy lyrics contribute immensely to the rhythm of the song.

What is Gadifele all about?

Are you that troubled makoti (let’s name her Madimabe for argument’s sake) who is continually tormented by a spoilt brat sister in law that you always have to cook for and clean after while she does nothing expect for chatting on facebook and whatsApp, watch television and sleep? Then Gadifele is your song.

Simply put, the song Gadifele narrates a sad story of Madimabe who has been turned into a personal slave of her sister in law who happened to be the last born in the family. Gadifele is the name of this last born.

Bjale ge, Gadifele ga a tepelele ke matepe ke ntla o bone; o šikinya le badimo ba ithobaletše mabitleng. Ka ganong ga a ba be ke pherefere o re haaa! Kgotla o mone o wa e fetoša ya ba tholla ya tshatshara. Gape ke phejane, lehuna lena la mmagwe. Go tepelele mo o dirišwa ke mmagwe wa go se mo kgalemele.


The opening line sets the emotional tone of the song. It says: “Mmmm, le wena o tla nyalwa o tla di bona.” Just from this line only, Pleasure deposits the mood of the whole song. But of course it is not the poor Madimabe who confronts Gadifele, but her cousin.

“Gadifele ngwana rakgadi wena o na le matepe ke gona ge ba re o fejane ba go swara bjale ka lee?” The cousin expresses her disappointment after she was not impressed in the manner in which Gadifele treats her sister in law, Madimabe.

She goes further to say “o tlaiša mogadibo wa gago mmago ga a go kgalemele ge o re ‘mosadi ke tshwene o lewa matsogo. Gadifele ba go hlatswetša, mogadibo wa gago wa go apeela ebile o wa go swielela sa gago ke go robala,” the cousin lambasts Gadifele over her unacceptable behavior.

But I like the cousin. She doesn’t call Gadifele to order and thereafter leave her to focus on other things. She goes further to give her a valuable advice that Gadifele would be a fool if she wishes to ignore it.

“Gadifele le wena o tla nyalwa o tla di bona tša mo o yang gona.”

Although the cousin is not explicit about it, she, however, hints that instead of spoiling Gadifele and encouraging her to continue with her evil deeds, Gadifele’s mom, as a woman, should sits down her daughter and teach her the right values for when the time gets ripe, Gadifele will walk down the down and will get to experience the many hardships that women go through in marriage on a daily basis.

So, it is within her mother’s rights to teach Gadifele from a young age how to behave and treat other people with dignity and respect they deserve. That’s what the cousin argues, I think!

Splendid! Perfect!*****************Splendid! Perfect!

To download Gadifele go here:







4 responses

  1. masemola manyaka derick | Reply

    plssure wa rebinaxa kamo kutopo yooo

  2. | Reply

    so loving dis lady

  3. Pleasure laela yoh ths song e re bintsha go pala ke ra le yona malapa ga lekane

  4. Pleasure laila le malapa ga le ka ne yoh ths songs di ri bintsha go pala expecialy for malapa ga lekane e na le molaetsa.eventualy all her songs rocks

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