Muvhango’s Khomotjo trial begins, will she win?

Khomotjo 2

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

A good girl gone bad! It has never crossed Khomotjo’s mind that one day she will be standing before the judge fighting to stay out of prison. Not that she’s negatively affected by the drama that is currently unfolding around her; in fact the beauty queen loves all the publicity the trial attracts.

Ordinarily Khomotjo would not have made headlines of many prominent provincial and national newspapers. She wouldn’t have had the opportunity to sit down for interview with Leanne Manas of Morning Live and her name would not have trended on social media in the past few days. These are some of the positive spin-offs the trial has brought her, she maintains.

But the nightmare is yet to come. The court case of Khomotjo Mojalefa (Ramie Chuene) and co-accused Bobo Mabusela (Charles Baloyi) kicks off today, Friday 22 August 2014. The two stand accused for attempted murder.

Bobo is being implicated in this scandal because he supplied Khomotjo with poison to kill Lerumo (John Morapama) plus the hijacking. But of course Khomotjo is denying everything. She pleaded not guilty and continues writing her own script.

She doesn’t trust anyone but herself, not even the only two people (Carol and the lawyer) who are willing to fight for her. The diva is sticking to own bogus script. She argues that she’s been framed because Lerumo and her family want to get rid of her as that will make it easier for them to have absolute control over her wealth, something that they always wanted.

The truth is Khomotjo attempted to kill Lerumo and for that she will have to face the consequences. No matter how hard we may endeavor to dodge the issue because it does not settle well with us, Khomotjo has trespassed the law and it wouldn’t look good if she goes unpunished.

Attempted murder is a serious offence in South Africa and elsewhere in the world and people who are found guilty of such offence often receive heavy sentencing and not just a slap on a wrist.

But now let’s flip the coin and look at this issue from a different perspective. Lerumo and Moriti have wronged Khomotjo big time. I understand what pushed Khomotjo to behave in the manner she had. To some certain extend I sympathize with her.

Lerumo always wanted to see Khomotjo begging in the streets but unfortunately fate does not allow him that satisfaction. When Lerumo first arrive in Gauteng he threw out Khomotjo in the old Mojalefa house thinking she will turn into a streets gogo.

Stress free, Khomotjo left and moved in the new mansion Phatudi had bought her just before he passed on. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Lerumo went after Khomotjo and demanded that he too move into the new house.

It wasn’t long before Moriti came knocking on Khomotjo’s door with her two kids in row and of course Khomotjo was not  consulted. Worse enough Lerumo and Moriti never bothered to teach Mangwashe and Thobela to respect Khomotjo as their ‘father’s wife.’

Lerumo is insane, why didn’t he invite his family to stay in the old house and leave Khomotjo alone? But apparently the old house is not that classy for the Mojalefas anymore, in fact Lerumo and Moriti wanted Khomotjo to move back in the old house and leave them to enjoy the comfortability of the new house alone.

Although she had her own ulterior motives at the time, Khomotjo stepped down as the chairperson of MMC. She did so willingly so that she could make a way for Lerumo but ungrateful maneer Mojalefa seems to have forgotten.

The word ‘perfect’ cannot be used in the same line as Khomotjo but Phatudi loved Khomotjo with her many flaws. Who is Lerumo to come today and say ‘you are a disgrace to the Mojalefa family?’ why didn’t he say those things while Phatudi was still alive?

Bobo’s account of the whole debacle may not do Khomotjo justice and for that she might be found guilty. But perhaps the judge might go easy on her if Khomotjo tells all the bad things that Lerumo and Moriti have done to her.

“Free our Khomotjo.”

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4 responses

  1. I want khomotjo free finish and klarr because if lerumo and his greedy wife did not threw her out of the house and wanted her money wouldn’t have tried to kill him

  2. I think Muvhango will be boring without Rhomotjo,she keeps us clued on our screens wondering what she will be laying about next.She is excited and entertaining the way she does it.

  3. I want this devl rot in jail

  4. khomotso is movhango

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