Rhythm City’s Suffocate loves Nikkie, Puleng back off.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

A marriage of convenience: Perhaps when Suffocate reached a conclusion that he will take Nikkie to be his wife the former thought it was the best decision that will benefit the innocent unborn child in the long run.

But unfortunately that’s nonsensical. Suffocate wanted to marry Nikkie out of his free personal will because he wanted to be with her. But while on that, it will be unfair of me to disregard the fact that people marry for different reasons. In some cases people don’t marry for love, but for comfort and riches and it seems Suffocate’s unborn child took precedence in his decision to marry Nikkie.

The truth is the man had two choices before him and he chose to disregard one. 1, not to marry Nikkie and play a part time daddy and 2, to make Nikkie his wife in the ‘interest of the unborn child’ but Suffo decided to go with the second option. Fair enough, one would argue. If you are not going to make her a wife, why make her pregnant then?

But who said Nikkie and Suffocate’s marriage is in the best interest of their unborn baby? If this marriage is based on doing what is good for their baby and not out of love, then that’s problematic and could harm the baby’s welfare as opposed to providing love and comfort to him.

Imagine a child growing up in a cold family where there is no love and peace? Nikkie and Suffo are human beings and time and again the need to satisfy their sexual desires will arise and when such time comes, they’ll only have two options, to either sleep together or cheat. But if they slept together before, then it will be much easier for the two to do it again, this time with no guilt conscious.


It will be a long term emotional trauma for the baby to grow up knowing that his parents are not getting along. Let me reiterate my point with so much enthusiasm this time. What is in the best interest of a child is to grow up in a family filled with love, peace and happiness. How is Nikkie and Suffocate going to give their child the necessary support he deserves if the parents are cold towards each other?

As I conclude, Suffo and Nikkie unanimously took the decision to walk down the aisle because they wanted to be together. So, my dear Puleng don’t you think it is in your best interest you back off and let Suffocate make his own mistake he’ll live to regret? If her hurt you once, disowned you for someone he apparently does not love, imagine what will happen tomorrow should he find yet another girl he has strong feelings for.







3 responses

  1. Puleng should “back off”? Has she done anything to indicate that she’s fighting for Suffo? LOL. Puleng is just living her life, being Puleng, the shisa nyama chef. I don’t think she’s “fighting” for Suffo’s love, so telling her to back off is like preaching to the disciples of Christ about the Gospel. She backed out a long time ago when Suffo made his decision to marry the woman who trapped him with a baby (we all know he did the “right” thing but we also know that minus that baby, there’s a higher chance he would never have thought of Nikkie as a wife). There was a time before the wedding when he actually contemplated pulling out of it and Nikkie, being the sharp girl that she is sensed it and immediately reached out to hold her stomach for “baby kicks”, knowing fully well that it would touch Suffo not to pull out of it. Kinda like she had to remind him why they had to marry each other. LOL.

    I do agree with you though that people marry for various reasons and at the end of it, maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t really matter why. That’s why it referred to as a “commitment”. He committed himself to Nikkie and has to live with her regardless of the why. Love is too overrated by the way.

    1. Shame its seen dat nikki does nt knw wat love is are she abt its a baby and to become rich bt she must tnk why suffo wll nvr stop lvng puleng its bcz ths thng thy have it made for dem to be 2gthr since puleng was datng de guy Ngozi bt evendo suffo was rly love,care abt puleng so nikki must live suffo and gv puleng chance bt dey will still care abt de baby nw she seduce saffo to wit her dats nt a true love.

  2. I wsh nikki can brkup wit suffo n puleng take de place

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