5 reasons Generations’ Kenneth Mashaba kidnapped Dineo


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

I know I’m making serious allegations that probably won’t stand in a court of law but my guts tell me Kenneth Mashaba is the reason behind Dineo’s kidnapping. This man is playing a very dangerous game and he won’t rest until he’s got S’busiso’s head.

I would like to argue that:

  • Kenneth arranged the kidnapping not to hurt Dineo but to get back at S’busiso.
  • Dineo’s kidnapping is a one point for Kenneth in many different ways.
  • S’busiso publicly threatened Dineo and the two have unfinished business after the Dineo-MJ hostile takeover of Ezweni. Kenneth saw a gap he could use to his advantage and he acted swiftly, shifting the blame to S’busiso.
  • Ruby and Patrick are unpretentious where Kenneth Mashaba is concerned. They think the man is bad news for Dineo hence they disapprove the re-union of convenience of the two.
  • Kenneth Mashaba is now acting all supportive and faking heart broken in an attempt to win Ruby and Patrick’s absolute support.

Kenneth is not dump. Of course he knows that Dineo conspired with S’busiso to frame him for drugs smuggling. But Dineo is the least of his worries. Even after many years in prison, Kenneth still knows his little Dinny inside out. She’s harmless and fragile but the same cannot be said about his counterpart S’busiso.

He’s playing his cards right and close his chest most importantly. He’s using Dineo to fight his battles and once he gets the ultimate prize, he’ll deal with Dineo in his own way.

When it happens, don’t say I didn’t tell you. I’m watching closely and reading between the lines and so should you.


9 responses

  1. Andre van der walt | Reply

    Dineo is a strong woman and she won’t stay down so whatever Kenneth got planned for her she will overcome!

  2. KENETH his nothing sbu as soon he will change things around just wait and see

  3. I dineol will Ðie because she doesn’t feels well

  4. I agree. That dineo is a strong women in generation so she will do it anyway so invite me for more info 073 535 3555 thanks

  5. Kenneth mashaba won’t go anyway about this dineo will make it. I’m sure. Even if ruby thinks its dlomo so I’m available on bbm pin 28d8cc64

  6. Mashaba unezothe ngowuse wazonda uNgamla lo uyindoda,uyasitya isono nobukrwada baso

  7. kennet mashaba will never win sibusiso dlomo

  8. I guess we have to wait and see what happened

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