Albert Mukwevho dies, what follows?

Albert Mukwevho

From a distance, one can tell that the sudden death of Albert Mukwevho has left many questions unanswered. The dark heavy cloud with no indication of becoming clear soon hangs over the Mukwevho clan as the family prepares the burial of their own blood. Tilo ngwana Rashaka sits down to connect the dots with the ultimate aim of understanding what possible consequences the passing of Albert might have on the storyline.

Hangwani versus the powerful conservative Mukwevho family

Hangwani is deeply devastated by the death of her husband. The thought of running the family affairs all by herself is probably giving her sleepless nights but to subject herself to the gratuitous cultural practices of marrying one of the Mukwevho uncles could be even more horrendous in the long run.

The Mukwevhos have a good reputation of imposing their sons on their daughter in laws whose husbands have passed away. Thandaza is one victim of such situation. She was pressurized to marry Ndalamo after his cousin Edward passed away in a fatal car accident.

The Mukwevhos always wanted to regulate the whereabouts of Mam’ Carthy and made it their mission that she stays away from men. They were always watching her like a hawk. I can see the same happening to defenseless Hangwani.

Since the news of Albert’s death broke, her family hasn’t been there for her, at least as far as I’m concerned. I would have expected to see her family members going up and down offering their child a moral support but unfortunately that’s not the case. That, in itself, gives a clear indication that Hangwani will be left to face the Mukwevhos all by herself without the help of her family.

The Mukwevho-Mojalefa animosity deepens.

Already Gizara and the Mukwevho power broker, Makhadzi, blame the Mojalefas for the death of their brother. Makhadzi is clear on what she wants- revenge and Gizara could not agree more. Clearly this unfortunate circumstance that should not have happened in the first place is set to stir the enduring squabbles between the two families.

South Africa calls Ndalamo back home.

Ndalamo is the oldest son to Albert. He’s busy wandering the world and only God knows what he’s doing. There’s no a better excuse to return back home like this one after he had left Thandaza and Vusi hopeless under the cover of a night. However, his return might cause a stir into the Thandaza-Ranthumeng marriage. Thandaza and Ndalamo have an unfinished business together and there’ll be no a better place to run to for a heartbroken Ranthumeng than in the arms of Matshidiso.

Khomotjo implicated in attempted murder

Perhaps if Albert was still drawing breath, Lerumo wouldn’t have gone to the police with the evidence that implicates Khomotjo with evil deeds. It’s just a matter of time before Khomotjo is prosecuted and there’s nothing as stressful as taking the witness stand. Many people would jump to the opportunity of testifying against the Mitchell Obama wanna be Khomotjo.

That’s how I wrap it!


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