TV Police with Tilo 4



Mr. Television police is watching them



There’s never a dull moment with SABC 1 and their prime time drama series. The channel always produces the best and eye deserving short stories in the entire South African television industry. The production of Mfolozi Street is one example of such flagship programme with seasoned actors of the likes of Hlubi Mboya and Shoki Sebotsana keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. But hey, today’s programme exposed me to the dark side of the show. Batho! At one stage I thought I was watching the xxx rated e-tv movie. I felt so embarrassed on my behalf and my neighbors probably still wondering what kind of a steamy action movie was playing in my room. No wonder people walking down the Mfolozi Street could hear some unusual noises- very electrifying!!!!!



Hamba kahle Mr. Jefferson Sibeko! The Deep has lost a very wonderful man. Things would never be the same again. But on the other hand history will always have it that at one stage of his life Jeff resorted to physically abusing his wife. But anyway, I understand that by the time of his passing away things were not going great between Jeff and Katlego but I don’t think it was appropriate at all for the latter to disrespect the memory of the former by getting down with Calvin only a few hours after Jeff was laid to rest. Sies Katlego! I think Sechaba is swiftly losing Lerato without realizing it. It’s not a secret that Lerato wants the finer things in life. She thinks she is destined for greater things. So, Sechaba’s suggestion that Lerato should lauch her business in township might turn out to be the worst suggestion ever especially if there’s someone who keeps contrasting Sechaba’s words by whispering the good words in Lerato’s ears.



If the Muvhango action was happening in the South African political fraternity, the Democratic Alliance would definitely have jumped to the fore front and say: ‘The evil and Malevolence Khomotjo proudly bought to you by selfish Lerumo and Moriti.’ How I so wish the orange juice worked up the trick. Sorry, I’m just unapologetic about endorsing Khomotjo’s actions. What other choice did the poor lady have while Moriti waltzed around in Khomotjo’s mansion as if she owned the place and even went to the extent of having her kicked out and Lerumo, on the other hand, made her life difficult and wanted to own everything Khomotjo worked hard for? The poor Khomotjo probably thought getting rid of Lerumo would end all her troubles and I’m with her. Poor Bertie, he didn’t deserve to die like that at all. Just when I thought Albert and Hangwani are mending the wall, the worst form of tragedy claims his life. Rest in peace vho-Albert Mukwevho; we’ll all miss seeing your face on our small screens after gracing our televisions for 17 years. This thing of Chief Azwindini threatening to confiscate Vele’s credit cards if she does not behave is becoming too monotonous or boring and predictable in simple language. Out of the 2014 fashion sense. Try something new!!!



The Generations world is too small to accommodate the three companies. One has to go and I would like to propose that the boys at #Hash tag world join forces with Kenneth Mashaba and Dineo. The four would make a formidable force. I know Choppa would not appreciate that I left him out in the equation but what does he know about running a professional media company? I could see potential in him and whether you consent to it or not, he’s got an eye for talent but his service is best suited for Chopsticks talent only, at least for now. I see Mary is climbing the ladder to stardom within the Generations boundaries. From having only a few lines when she started out to now rolling with the big sharks is really motivating. She’s not just a pretty face, she’s also talented, good luck my sister! That’s what I like about Generations; they SELDOM send their actors to the gutter. It is a blessing to become a call in actor at Generations. I respect that people have different ways of dealing with death but Noluntu’s is starting to irritate the hell out of me. For how long will I see her moving around with that urn as if she’s a toddler who’s just got a baby doll? Hamba Rubiriki! Rubzozo is rolling with a new hair style. It suits you my dear except for that it’s still bushy. E re sethokgwa sa mmutla… But I like it only because it represent Ruby. The hairstyle is loud, and so is the owner.



Ke gore ruri Meikie o gare o swere o wa duba duba o nyaka go bona mma Kutunu a lahlagetšwe ke mmereko wa go fepa bana ba sekolo. Botsheba le boloi ke mafahla mogolo wa ka. Ga o no inama sa go tshela wa amogela gore mma Kunutu ke yena a hweditšego thentara ya go apea? Kwaito sogana la Modimo, ga o no thekga ditho wa iketla wa lebeledišiša le dithuto tša gago wa tlogela go kitimišana le theto? Lelo ga se lekgarebe leo o ka ratanago le yona. Ga ke bone go tshepega mo go kgarebe le. Ke bale ba bo “nkaja mo n ka nona.” Pele ga ge ke lebala, nna le wena re ka se be le molatšana o tee ge re amogele molaetša wa sellathekeng. O fela o mphazamiša. O motee wa rena o swanetše go tšwa polane.




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