Albert Mukwevho is grateful for time on Muvhango.

Vho Albert

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Last night the curtains came down on one of Muvhango’s original cast members who has been with the soap opera since its inception about 17 years ago.

Ndivhuho Mutsila who plays the role of stubborn and conformist Albert Mukwevho has left the onscreen production of Muvhango. But his exit is apparently not one of those ‘fok fok pack your bags and leave and never dare to look back.’

In an interview with Move! magazine, Mutsila told Zibusisozethu Sithole that “Although I have enjoyed it, I’m tired and want to carry on with my work as a cultural advisor and translator (of the soapie) and maybe my career in education,” he was quoted as saying.

Mutsila is a teacher by profession and studied at the then Bantu black University of the North, now University of Limpopo.

Although the media shy Mutsila will miss playing Albert, he was nonetheless quick to add that he learnt very little from the character he has played for almost two decades. “I can’t say I’ve learned anything from Albert.”

He went further to add “I’m grateful to have been part of this pioneering series that has done so much in teaching people about the Venda language and Culture.

“I hope there are many spin-offs from it giving opportunities that will continue to develop Venda people and put our culture and our language on the map,” he said.

What you’ll miss about Albert.

  • He had a good sense of humor when he wanted to.
  • He was the only person among all the uncles in the Mukwevho household who could actually stand up to Azwindini and make him listen for once.
  • His determination and stubbornness when it comes to business was always noteworthy
  • He was resilient
  • As stubborn as he was, he was loving and caring (but in his own terms and conditions)

What you won’t miss about Albert.

  • If you are liberalist and feminist like me, you actually won’t miss Albert’s conservative approach to many things.
  • His approach to life was that a woman’s duty is in the kitchen and she should, at all times, be submissive towards her husband as she’s nothing but a subject to her male counterpart
  • He didn’t take lightly to people engaging him in a constructive argument.
  • It was seldom his fault.

Muvhango airs every weekday from 21:00 only on SABC 2.

About the author:

Tilo Mokgopo, aged 22, holds two degrees from Wits University. An undergraduate BA degree in Media studies and Political studies and a honors degree in Media Studies. A former sub-editor for a community media outlet publishing five publications under its wing.

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32 responses

  1. You will be missed Vho Albert,i shed a tear with today’s episode,was n’t the warmest @ all,seeing u lying there-even was nothing but an act,but i developed emotional attachments…wish u all de best though Ndau ya Ndona

  2. You surely were the greatest warthog of thate bcoz for a minute your act,became a reality &i found my eyes filled with tears bcoz da truth is I liked the stubborn albert bcoz he gave me a reason to TUNE to SABC 2 @ 21:00 am nt sure if I will countinue to……… ALBERT u were da best even in your DEAD charecter…..

  3. You surely were the greatest warthog of thate bcoz for a minute your act,became a reality &i found my eyes filled with tears bcoz da truth is I liked the stubborn albert bcoz he gave me a reason to TUNE to SABC 2 @ 21:00 am nt sure if I will countinue to……… ALBERT u were da best even in your DEAD charecter…..I jst don’t understand why did you have to LEAVE in such a painful way

  4. a great warthog indeed u have been inter alia one of the reasons I kept my eyes glued to the screen at night on YOU BELONG endani zwanu liguluvhe lihulwane la Thathe

  5. rabelani mbulaheni | Reply

    It was a painfull episode, muvhango it won’t be the same without albert . Vha edele nga mulalo mukololo wa thathe . Liguluvhe lihulwane la luonde

  6. OMG Mr Ndivhuho Mutsila,you made me cry last night it was so real and in a way i learned alot that life its too short and everyday we need to wake up telling and showing each other love.yesterday episode it was more of a lesson to me and i thank you for that.i wish you all the best

  7. Albert used to bore me with his stubbornness, but yesterday, I had tears in my eyes, his leaving was so emotional and touching. It felt real tjo. Well done to Mulimisi and Nethate, they make Muvhango unpredictable. Hangwani touched my heart. Borne voyage “liguluvhe lihulwane la Thate” you will be greatly missed

  8. We will miss your albert but I wonder why he left muvhango.

  9. Oh my, last night’s episode was so touching. I actually searched for this news in the hope that somehow Albert will come back to life. My mind was left with the memory and realization that Albert didnt apologize to Hangwani for not believing her story or even telling her he loved her. Lesson learnt that life is too short and we should always tell the people we love that we do and to make the most of evry moment. Hangwani Hangwani…that was the most heartfealt and well deserved send off you gave to your Romeo. Here in Zimbabwe i will 4eva miss Albert..he was one of my fav characters on Muvhango.
    All the best Mr. Mutsila….<3

  10. Can you reconsider, you are an important part of the story

  11. Alice Makgoale-Kgari

    Why in such an emotional way? Muvhango won’t be the same without you Mr. Mutsila. Good luck on your career…

  12. Ummmh,i cried yesterday watching that episode,it felt so real.

  13. Prudence shavanyama | Reply

    We will always rmemba u Albert good lucky on your carrier bt u left us in so much pain

  14. Nwabisa Mawisa | Reply

    Yesterday’s episode ended most of us crying lyk it was real..Mr Ndlovu thumbs-up.
    Bertie I will mic u. Mulimisi keep up da gud work bro…..

  15. Rendani mafhenya | Reply

    This kind of life is happening in real life, i learned a lot, it was painful, i wasn’t a good night

  16. Joseph Rammutla | Reply

    Eish that episode forced me to leave my work before time,as i wanted to see it for the second time.yesternight was very painful to my whole family,and i nearly cried.thumbs up for the auther and the actors on that job which was done.eishhh painful and we will miss u Albert.

  17. It was such a sad exit vho albert. Muvhango will never be the same without you. I liked your charactor so much that I was always looking forward to seeing you on camera. Our exit was not expected and that why I tend to find it difficult to admit you’re nomore. Gosh how I wished it wasn’t you but I guess that’s what makes it interesting. Farewell vho albert. You called a spade a spade. Geeze the last night episode was so heart breaking. Like it was real. All the cast of muvhango well done. Thumbs up to the outhor. Good luck albert mukwevho in ur quest. You reali are a great actor!!!

  18. mr alber wen i saw u death of muvhango my hrt was havng a huge pain u wre my fav charctr n u wil always be but nahozwisicha konadzea uri vha humdmle kha muvhango i wil mic u i wish 1 u wil cum back

  19. Azwinndini Maumela | Reply

    Vho albert bert we will really miss your present on muvhango…your sturboness and father, business man all togather…all the best…to you

  20. what an episode….we waving hamonius gud byes to you tata Albert………kgomotso wl miss her Berrrrtie bakith…..

  21. eish!i cried a lot when i saw you died and your family crying….it was painful………..well done mr mukwevho ……….we will miss you

  22. Eish Albert, really enjoyd ur chrctr and i am so sad that you have left the play, good luck where you are.

  23. Its painful to loose such character like you Albert on my screen, I wil mis your behaviour goodluck may god be with you thank you

  24. mukovhe desire | Reply

    eix bertie wat a painful n sad way of leavin da soapie. Eix it felt so real n i even cry everydae science da shotin. Eix al da membrs of mukwebo family in pain i 2 feel da pain, poop gundo. Bertie plz cme bk lyk kk did

  25. mukovhe desire | Reply

    bertie i wix u com bck

  26. I wl miss Vho Albert #sad#

  27. Thandiwe Dyantyi | Reply

    Nooooo! Albert yew cant do dat mahn plz come back plzzzzzzzzzz

  28. feel for gundo, u left him too soon, gudluck though muvhango will not be the same without u

  29. uh! Bertie mara..u left us so soon

  30. mmboniseni eric munzhelele | Reply

    1thng.that to.him ws,he’s a strait i evn absorb it.i lov u daddy alwys love u.mmboniseni

  31. Bulelwa Siyekwana | Reply

    I watch Muvhango in order to learn Tshivenda and see about how do they do their culture in rural areas as Vho Albert was just interpreting to the viewers as it is..I fell inlove to this soapie when I was dating a Venda,I got so curious when he is on the phone,catch few words and compare them when Muvhango started so now I can interprete for others at home, laugh when’s good and when it’s bad..I watch and listen with undestanding now…Phambili Muvhango, Phambili TshiVenda, Phambili SA.. Thanks to ”Albert Mokwevho” (NDIVHUHO MOTSILA)

  32. Mahlangandile fokwana is the most rich person on planet earth.

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