TV Police with Tilo 3

Mr. Television police is watching them.

I’m a big fan of current affairs programmes. I like them because they challenge me intellectually. They invite me to think out of a box. I like consuming new ideas. Although the producers can select carefully who to invite on their shows while censoring and purging the individuals they don’t like, they are, however, unable to control what their guests say on air. The level of censorship is minimal. 

But today I watched the worst live current affairs programme thanks to SABC 2 “Interface.” Until last week, I never made time to watch Interface only because the slot the programme previously occupied on SABC 3 clashed with the programme I like. But now that the show has been moved to SABC 2 after Muvhango on Wednesdays, I’m set to be a regular viewer. 

But can I ask who is the casting director for Interface? This presenter “Ramps” (I hope I got his name right) is not doing it for me and I’ll be quick to say there’s something wrong with him if he appears proud of himself after today’s show. He lacks many of the skills and tenacity needed for a current affairs presenter. Why am I shying away from the truth, he’s simply not a presenter material, at least not for now. 

For starters, the guy was visibly nervous and shaking in front of the cameras. His mind was all over and he messed up the whole show. Even a blind person could have seen that he was reading from the autocue. His introduction of the show was not really interesting and I was embarrassed on his behalf. Let’s hope I was the only one watching. 

He constantly attacked the DA MP, Anie who appeared detached from the whole debate. You could see it written all over her face that she was asking herself “what am I doing here?” It is so embarrassing when the guests know too much and lead the debate than the presenter. 

He’s got the looks but not ready to grace our national television channel as the presenter of current affairs. Sent him back to school. I’d give him a 4/10.


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