TV Police with Tilo 2

Mr. Television Police is watching them.


Love, deceit, betrayal and revenge suffice as a detailed abstract of the game. 

The self proclaimed mighty untouchable S’busiso Dlomo is in for a nasty surprise. Someone’s reputation is at stake (not that I give a damn).

 The problem with S’busiso is that he thinks he runs the world. If you are too loyal to him he sees it as a perfect opportunity to control your life and later when your assistance becomes less significant to him he dumps you in a bin. Great job Jason for bringing S’busiso down to earth. 

Just out of curiosity, S’busiso wa granted a medical parole because of his deteriorating health condition but today I would really have to pen down a very convincing motivation to make the justice system think otherwise.

 Someone who is actively involved in the day to day running of a multimillion company under the CEO title cannot be labeled ‘terminally ill to serve his prison sentence.’

 Anyway, that’s none of my business. The Jakie Selebi and Shabir Schaik of Generations is here (throwing in my sarcastic gesture).

 Where was Pearl to film this bathong? Already I can visualize her opening sentence going like this: 

“The Dlomo gay genes rage on! Following the massive circulation of the pictures of Jason and S’busiso’s crème ‘straight’ son MJ in bed looking all cosy and over each other, the Dlomo brothers, MJ and Senzo, have publicly battled it out in a tug of war over Jason’s medium sized cute lips. Jason and Senzo have separated and the two are heading up for divorce and it seems MJ has seen a gap in the market and decide to fill it in.



Can Khomotjo and Vuyiswa swap their personalities please? How I so wish Khomotjo was Vuyiswa who has an eye for Ben 10s. Not that I would want to shagger shagger letheka with her but just to enjoy her money. Plus I have it on good authority that sugar mamas give fat tips for a very good service.

 I can just imagine how much money she has with herself. She’s been giving Bobo too many R50 000’s I even lost count. It seems Khomotjo has a lot of money lying around in her vault. Perhaps she should donate some to Mushasha.

 I only sympathize with Mushasha because he has lost all the monies he has worked hard for. What happened to him I would not want to wish it upon my worst enemy.

 But contrary to this statement, the bitchy side of me says he got what he deserved. He’s a sick greedy old man. I don’t want to pull a white capitalist stunt on him and say the method he went about saving his money is all wrong but clearly the ancestors were not pleased with his greediness. 

They’ve been far too kind to send him paying customers so that he won’t starve but instead he locked their monies in a trunk. Serves you right my dear.

 But on the other hand I feel like people are overlooking the most important fact. Mushasha’s hut burnt down with all his ancestral belongings in it. The greatest traditional healer in Thathe reduced to nothing- no bones to communicate with the ancestors. No traditional medicine. No traditional attire. Everything went up in smoke. 

This is a worst form of tragedy that could ever happen to any tradition healer but it seems the whole of Thathe don’t see things from my perspective. They go about with their daily activities as if nothing tragic happened. Everything has been reduced to a fictional R70 000 story of a trunk while overlooking what is most important.

 Thandaza should stop the act as if she’s a woman of principle. She should give Simon a job at MMC. If there’s no post available at the moment, she should create a managerial position for him. 

It’s not like I’m proposing something out of MMC culture. They’ve been practicing nepotism for years.

 Thandaza, under the pressure of Khomotjo, gave Tumelo a HR position on a silver platter, Nompilo is a beneficiary of nepotism and the “give your cousin a job” campaign was spearheaded by her uncle Themba, Lerumo with no experience of running a formal multibillion listed company was parachuted into the Chairman of board position, Ndalamo did not queue for the job like other people and when Agnes joined Masase Thandaza tried to convince her to join the then Mukwevho Milling promising to create a position for her, why can’t she do the same for Simon today? Such unfairness though.


Yonna mmawe! Celia Kunutu ke ntwa dumela. Ke re senatla ramapanta. Ga a senye sebaka o gata ga tee a phakišetša.

Ge e le gore Zamokuhle o nagana gore a ka goboša Rachel a mo fetoša dikwero tša Turfloop high, gona ga a nagane gabotse. Go mma Kunutu o kgotlile sename sa dinose. Ga a ralokelwe mosadi wa Molobedu.

Bjale le wo mmadipetlerekofi Meikie Maputla o tseleng ya go botšwa tšseo a sa le a dija ka nako tšela a sa šeba ka dithotse le letswai la go phurela.

Magoši a thoma go thothomela. Tshelete e ya fela Meikie, tshwani e swana le tshwani ngwana mma. Badimo ba ntshireletše ke bone tšatši la gosasa. Ke tla sega ka ba ka gamola le meokgo ge ke go bona o kgopela mmereko wa go phetla dipoto go Celia. 


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