She slept with a lesbian woman for nine months thinking she was a man

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

According to the South African biggest daily selling newspaper, Daily Sun, Nobukhosi Ncube (27) has been dating a lesbian Skhakazo Ndlovu (28) for nine months. But Nobukhosi is apparently a straight woman and she thought Skhakazo was a man.

However, there was something strange in their relationship especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. Skhakazo would neither allow Nobukhosi to touch his penis nor even see it. The only time they’ll have sex is when the lights are switched off.

To make matters worse, Skhakazo’s penis was excessively big and hurting when inside Nobukhosi. It just didn’t feel like a normal penis.

“The penis was too big and too strong. It was not like the penis of a human being.

“He wouldn’t let me touch the penis. I only felt something huge like an anaconda snake passing between my legs.

“At night when we had sex I couldn’t see anything. I could only feel the penis dressed in a condom,” Nobukhosi told the newspaper.

As strange and vague as the story may sound, it seems Nobukhosi was not going to question her ‘man’ about his dodgy behavior more especially that Skhakazo refused foreplay. I would have loved to know what happened when Skhakazo was bathing. Perhaps Nobukhosi was kicked out of the shack they shared together for nine months?

Anyway, Nobukhosi’s misery was confirmed one day when Skhakazo mistakenly forgot to hide her plastic penis. Shocked Nobukhosi reported the matter to the Community Policing Forum.

When the Daily Sun contacted Skhakazo she claimed that Nobukhosi knew all along that she was a lesbian woman and remained silent when asked why she opted for a bigger sized artificial penis.

Tilo says: Nobukhosi’s story lacks clarity. She’s lying to us all.

How do you have sex with a person for nine months and still don’t know that she’s lying about her gender? If Nobukhosi was curious enough, she would have made other means to find out.

Artificial penis is not as soft as a normal one, I would like to think. A normal penis is not always stiff. It bends now and then.

Being a lesbian is nothing but a matter of sexual orientation. The fact remains that Skhakazo is still a woman and by virtue she would experience all the things that a normal woman would go through which includes going on a menstruation cycle. So Nobukhosi never experienced anything funny about pads and underwear changing colours?

Even though some lesbians resort to hiding their breasts, they can’t permanently get rid of them and I’m sure Skhakazo is no exception.

What about Skhakazo’s ID document? When it comes to ID you are either a male or a female, final! So Nobukhosi never saw Skhakazo’s ID in the nine months they’ve been together.

I guess Nobukhosi never bothered to ask why her man’s big penis never ejaculated inside her. I just want to get the logic of the story. Something is clearly not making sense to me.

There are many loopholes in the Nobukhosi’s story that any rational human being would be quick to point out. O re tšea bjalo ka bana ba thari. Kgale a di rata ruri gonebjale o re botša maaka! Forgive me but I would like to agree with Skhakazo, Nobukhosi knew all along that she was dating a lesbian woman. I refuse to allow my I.Q. to be offended just like that.

About the author:

Tilo Mokgopo, aged 22, holds two degrees from Wits University. An undergraduate BA degree in Media studies and Political studies and a honors degree in Media Studies. A former sub-editor for a community media outlet publishing five publications under its wing.


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  1. Did this person actually say they are lesbian and not transgender perhaps?

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