Generations’ Mawande back to her diva tendencies. 

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

If the recent media reporting can be relied upon, then Generations signature face, Nambitha Mpumlwana playing the role of reserved and down to earth Mawande Memela is back to her diva antics. 

Last year April Generations boss Mfundi Vundla gave Nambitha a boot following reports that she’s been acting like a diva on set, ordering the camera men which angle to take when filming her and goes further to demanding her own changing room and exclusive food menu. 

However, it wasn’t long before Mfundi swallowed his pride and went begging Nambitha to return back to Generations to rescue the sinking ship. 

A Sunday newspaper was reliably informed that Nambitha was a pain in the neck to everyone around her at the Vodacom Durban July last weekend, demanding her exclusive food menu.  

She also insisted on using her own car to drive into the race course because she was a VIP and did not want to use the same entrance with “ordinary people”. 

Although her fellow actor Thato Molamu (Nicolas Nomvete in the soapie) interacted with the fans and even posed for pictures with them, Nambitha refused blatantly. 

“She even refused to take pictures with her fans. We wanted her to interact with people.

“But she said she didn’t want to interact with a crowd because they would be jumping on her and get her clothes dirty,” the newspaper’s mole said.

It is also reported that Nambitha pitched at the event with her son and a body and demanded to be given four tickets or she would turn away to attend a different event. 

In what could be interpreted as pro actively rubbishing off the media’s reports, Nambitha tweeted to her 42 thousands followers on Saturday: “They say that I don’t want to take pictures with you! Is it true? Tweet your pics with the hash tag #Nambithanl” to which her many fans responded with their pictures posing with her in different settings. 

On Sunday her fans rubbished off the report while expressing their supports to her. 

“Just read an article about you and just to let you know that I don’t believe that nonsense knowing how people like to twist things. Love you.”

“Journalists will try to find something to talk about. It there isn’t, they’ll create. But we will love you till the end.”

“Ignore them mama coz abayazi into abayithethayo!!! We will always appreciate and love yew (sic)”


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  1. aaaaaaaahhhhhh, why Albert out of all these people….Muvhango will neva b funny again…#sad

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