Albert Mukwevho bids farewell to Muvhango plus the new Ndalamo.

Vho Albert

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Tragedy hits the Mukwevho family that will forever change the lives of its inhabitants.

If you are a fan of Muvhango’s hunk daddy, Albert Mukwevho (played by Ndivhuho Mutsila) please get yourself a jar of cold water to help calm down your heart for the week starting from Monday 28 July 2014 is set to be difficult for you as Mr. Bertie says his final goodbyes to you.

Ndivhuho was involved in the behind the scenes of Muvhango long before the then drama series of 13 episodes could hit the small screens back in 1997.

But Albert is fit and healthy, so what could have led to his untimely death? Perhaps let’s just say Khomotjo does not take lightly to people stripping her naked especially in front of her worst enemies, Moriti and Lerumo. There’s more than enough evidence to prove that Khomotjo will do anything just to save her face and the queen of MMC seems to be up to her tricks again.

Now that Albert is no more, the Mukwevhos are visibly left with no one to safeguard their family interests at MMC. The passing of Albert may be paving a way for his prodigal son, Ndalamo, to return back from the States to look after his father’s business interests.

The story of axed original Ndalamo:

The role of Ndalamo was previously played by Mutodi Neshehe whose contract was not renewed back in 2008 because of his repeated failure to pitch up to work and showing less commitment to his work.

Then, Muvhango’s heavyweight, Duma ka Ndlovu was quoted in the media as saying “Mutodi was called in to a meeting in February regarding his performance, he never took his job seriously, he was not committed and his performance was not up to standard.

“It was difficult for the production house to take this decision but unfortunately they were left with no option because things did not work out between us and the actors.”

However, Neshehe had a contrasting story to tell, accusing the show’s creater of operating his business as if he’s running a spaza shop.

“It’s like he’s running a spaza shop. Everyone is somehow related to him. That’s the other thing I don’t understand.”

He went on to add: “He is a bully and people are scared of him. His word is final. Don’t you ask yourself why he loses good actors every year?” Mutodi was quoted as saying.

The new Ndalamo Mukwevho introduced:

According to recent media reporting, the producers of the popular Venda soapie have revitalized the role of Ndalamo which has been written off for six years but the only exception this time is that Lesley Musina who had a stint on e-tv’s Scandal will play the part.

It is believed that Musina started shooting in May. News that there is a new Ndalamo in the equation did not sit well with Neshehe who still had high hopes of playing the role again. He poured out his broken heart to Sunday Sun.

“If they wanted me, they knew where to find me. They just weren’t interested,” he said.

About the author:

Tilo Mokgopo, aged 22, holds two degrees from Wits University. An undergraduate BA degree in Media studies and Politics studies and a honors degree in Media Studies. A former sub-editor for a community media outlet publishing five publications under its wing.

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24 responses

  1. Prudence shavanyama | Reply

    Muvhango will never be the same without Bertie R I P

  2. I AM VERY SAD THAT vho-Albert is leaving Muvhango Eish! Bra Ali I AM SO GOING TO MISS HIM RENDANI AND GUNDO’s DADDY

  3. Who will take over his familiy . It is very sad about Daddy Bertie

  4. Eish that’s so sad that Bertie is leaving

  5. 28 ;uly movhango episode broke my heart. Why he leaves us soo soon.

  6. not albert ,theres no muvhango without albert,,,,,the guy was knowing his job,the producer and the writer of the stories must think carefully before their actots leave,,HE WAS THE MAIN CHARACTER

  7. 28th july….I cried as if the episode was real….RIP Hangwani’s husband and tata wabantwana abahle. And please in real life, stay hot and yhee hopefully life will blossom success and everything u need

  8. 28th and 29th july….I cried as if the episode was real….RIP Hangwani’s husband and tata wabantwana abahle. And please in real life, stay hot and yhee hopefully life will blossom success and everything u need

  9. Muvhango will not be the same like before we will miss Bertie but why soo sooon you are still strong and healthy RIP bertie


  11. Muvhango will never be the same with out you Bertie …….. We tank you for all grt effort u have ge on muvhango we will miss you ….and good luck to the new ndalamo aka lesly musina

  12. R I P Bertie

  13. bongiwe malindisa | Reply

    we shal mc u bertie. . . Geez muhvango wnt be the same we lv u

  14. Bertie was da reason why I watched muvhango nw dat his gone therez nothing for me to watch

  15. Go shell… Bertie, but remember muvhango wil never be the same without you.we wil mis you Bertie.

  16. Atleast crying made me realize how much I enjoyed Albert’s character bt anyway we gonna miss u berti n rip

  17. I am going to miss his arrogant, stubborn and charming character

  18. i dnt believe..Bertie has left in such a way…awu. we will miss him

  19. Bring Albert back pls, I still can’t believe that he’s gone. Muvhango won’t be the same without him, pls bring Bertie back.

  20. Innocentia Kgotlelelo Mashego | Reply

    It was sad whn rendani ws crying I cried as if it ws real.y should everyone leave dead and did u hv to go before Gundo can learn a thing abt u mara baba Albert..whr r u going frm here.i don’t think we gonna enjoy it like u were still on set.u should hv take leave

  21. Nothing hurt me since I watch muvhango than this,I like his supernatural style $alute u Bertie

  22. ai im finding it hard 2 accept dat Vho Albert is gone and y dd u let him go jst like dat. Muvhango will neva b d same again. Wish u all d best Ntate

  23. bra ali u lft muvhango untimely.wel mic u nd muvhango wnt be te same witowt fam was cryin when we saw tat u ar killed.u realt made it.R.I.P.albert.vho hangwani makes me cry evrytym i c ha….dnt wana tlk abt rendi nha gundo

  24. zandile shabalala | Reply

    m worried about khomotjo xm…dont send her too away frm us

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