Kenneth Mashaba is back, Dineo and S’busiso better run away.

Kenneth Mashaba is back, Dineo and S’busiso better run away.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Everyone knows that S’busiso is the man of the match. He owns the boxing ring. He calls the tune and everybody dances to the music. Many have tried to take him down but they have all failed in their pursuits, at the end the untouchable S’busiso always emerges victorious.
BUT all that is soon to be ancient history. Kenneth Mashaba is back in town and the former media tycoon is seeking revenge. But of course S’busiso is not only his prime target, his former trophy wife, Dineo, is also on top of the hit list.

When Dineo (played by seasoned Katlego Danke)and S’busiso framed Kenneth for drug smuggling because the two had their own ulterior motives although the then Mashaba media was the main target, little did Dineo anticipate that one day Kenneth will resurrect, stronger than ever, and come knocking on her door.
From S’busiso (played by award-winning Menzi Ngubane ) and Dineo’s perspective, the timing for Kenneth’s return is all wrong. The two are currently going through a rough patch with Dineo down and out of a job. She’s still recovering from emotional trauma caused by the recent dirty fighting with S’busiso that proved more worthless at the end.

S’busiso, equally, is having a hard time at home. Nothing seems to be going fine at the Dlomo household. Power hungry and opportunist Priska (played by Zikhona Sodlaka) is not helping the situation, in fact she’s adding petrol to raging wildfire.

With little Mngqobi in hospital fighting for his life, S’busiso’s attention is all consumed into finding a solution for his obvious favourite grandson. Family is very important to S’busiso; will he have the energy to deal with Kenneth Mashaba? I guess we’ll have to wait to see how S’busiso deals with Kenneth.
But one fact about Kenneth is that the man is neither a friend nor a relative to Satan, he is the devil himself. Taking Kenneth to hell would be useless. In fact it will only create more anguish for others because when Kenneth gets to hell, he will immediately rise to prominence and TAKE OVER HELL!!!

So my advice to Dineo and S’busiso is simple:

• Little Dinny, don’t hide under the table, Kenneth will find you. Rather, run away while you still can. Alternatively, you can give Ruby a ride to Jo’burg downtown to find the sharpest okapi. Believe me; she’s going to need it.

• S’busiso my boy, please bring Dr Chetty closer to you, she’ll come in handy. Check on a regular basis if you still have enough heart attack pills. And ooh, an important reminder, keep the pill bottle in your pocket, always. You’ll never know when the heart attack is going to strike.


2 responses

  1. iyoh, when little Dinny collapsed @ the sight of Kenneth……

  2. Wow things have gone wrong to sibusiso and dineo i wonder?

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