‘Thabo Rasebotja’ confesses the ‘truth’ about ‘Lerato Sebashe’

‘Thabo Rasebotja’ confesses the ‘truth’ about ‘Lerato Sebashe’

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

As I have predicted, whoever is behind the Lerato Sebashe facebook account is starting to get cold feet following the massive public outrage at the facebook account that has nothing good to say about the people of Limpopo.

Just yesterday, Friday 20 June 2014, a person who identified himself as Thabo Mzb’ Rasebotja confessed on the Lerato Sebashe account that he is the brain behind the fake account.

“I apologize to all people of Limpopo for all the things I said. I was only joking and you took things serious. I promise I will never mess with the people of Limpopo again,” he posted a status on facebook.

Joking? Yes he was joking. If you thought ‘Thabo’ was sorry for having offended the people of Limpopo and also causing emotional trauma for some, then you must be lying to yourself.

“Can we put everything behind us and move on?” he asked.

Clearly this guy has deep serious issues. In his world he think it is justified for a person like him to say all the things he has been saying for years and expect people to forgive and forget over just one facebook status that probably cost less than 5c to update.

Do you think such a person is being genuine in his call for the people of Limpopo to forgive him? Of course not! It wasn’t long before he called South Africa a country full of “perverts”.


I apologize to all people of Limpopo for all the things I said. I was only joking and you took things serious. I promise I will never mess with the people of Limpopo again

Forgive me but my big head does not buy this stunt. The guy has to do more than just posting a naked status on facebook to prove that he’s really sorry. How sure are we that it is really Thabo who’s been acting as Lerato all along?

Don’t you think the real person who is behind the facebook account is actually trying to trick people in their quest to find who the real Lerato Sebashe is? Mind you, this is the same person who alleged that the people of Limpopo have infected DJ S’bu with HIV.

In your right mind, do you think the person who’s been posting such things would come out in public and reveal their true identity?

Consider the timing, this Lerato Sebashe account is the topic of the day, emotions are high and anything bad could happen to whoever is behind the account. Clearly now is definitely not the right time to say “I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry but I don’t buy this. The person who is running Lerato Sebashe account is giggling somewhere and probably wants to lie down in peace by shifting the blame to Thabo that we don’t even know exists in this world.


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  1. to hell with that bitch(lerato sebashe and sbu coz they all called people of Limpopo bharis)

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