My truth about “Lerato Sebashe”

My truth about “Lerato Sebashe”



Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Who is the real Lerato Sebashe? That’s the question that is on almost everyone’s lips at the moment. Perhaps let me rephrase my question in a slightly different way, who’s been acting as robust anti-Limpopian motto-mouth Lerato Sebashe on Facebook?

Recently many people have charged Tshepo Meech Maake as the brain behind the Lerato Sebashe facebook account. A word of mouth has it that Tshepo and Lerato were once exchanging underwear and after Lerato showed Tshepo a red card, like a love struck teenager driven by vengeance, Tshepo then decided to open a facebook account acting as Lerato, posting derogatory comments in an attempt to tarnish Lerato’s image. But of course the authenticity of such information is yet to be tested.

Some people might have taken advantage of “Lerato Sebashe’s” social media popularity by opening more fake accounts.

The truth is this Lerato character has, for months, been posting derogatory statements about the people of Limpopo, charging them with witchcraft, primitive, ugly, uneducated among others. But Lerato rose to prominence following the unceremonious passing of Metro FM personality, Eddie Zondi.

Like the typical blabbering Lerato, she posted that she does not understand the logic behind the people of Limpopo mourning the passing of radio icon, Eddie Zondie because she knows “Metro FM does not reach Limpopo” and also that when Thobela FM multitalented Joe Mabotja passed away South African gave them the moment to mourn his passing. So, people of Limpopo should not impose!

It was this unfortunate and reckless comment that crowned her the social media darling; with many people getting up at arms calling for her head. Even the former Twitter princess, Nonhle Thema was not this reckless. She knew where to draw the line, at least.

According to me, if there’s such a person in this world called “Lerato Sebashe”, she’s definitely not the one who opened up the facebook account and wherever she is, she’s as surprised as many of us.

I don’t think there is any person with mental capacity who could open up such a facebook account with their authentic personal information, thus putting their lives in danger.

Common sense tells me that the account was actually opened by her arch rival who is out to get back at her. Unless if Lerato Sebashe is immature attention seeking young girl, then I would believe it’s her. You’ll be surprised to find out what attention seekers can do to attract all publicity to them.

If you read between the lines and connect the dots, you’ll come to realize that the undeniable truth is that whoever opened up the account is actually based in Limpopo and the person is moPedi.



It was this unfortunate and reckless comment that crowned her the social media darling; with many people getting up at arms calling for her head. Even the former Twitter princess, Nonhle Thema was not this reckless. She knew where to draw the line, at least.



If you saw the statuses ‘she’ posted in Sepedi, you’ll agree with me. She uses pure, authentic Sepedi. It’s not one of those diluted Sepedi language. Also, the person is well informed about the Limpopo affairs, something that an outsider would not really know about, or misinterpret.

One thing for sure is that this person is digging up his/her own grave by creating more nemesis for himself. If found, they could be charged with identity theft (if established that they are not the real Lerato Sebashe) and also be charged with cyber bullying, among others.

Let me take a front seat, I want to see it all. Lately I’ve realized that the mastermind(s) behind the page are starting to get cold feet and if they give away their game they have been playing close to their chests for some time now, I sense a brewing tug of war coming their way.

“I repeat! Since the Limpopians killed my grandfather by sending a big snake to bite and kill him, then I won’t stop exposing you all. Limpopo la loya, le bolaile koko wame that’s why ke le hloile.”


2 responses

  1. Hello people”

    Here is the truth’ the person’s identity being used by this fake person is a young lady from Botswana’ she is a couzin of mine.. Her names are Tracy Monyatsi’ we both stay in Gaborone, Botswana.. And she just realized about all this a week ago.. I have a couzin o nna ko Limpopo’ Rusternburg.. Received a message from her on sunday asking me if Tracy’s other name ke Lerato Sebashe’ I said NO why?? She then said one of her friends showed her (my couzin from Limpopo) a pic of her with Tracy ele Lerato Sebashe’s profile picture… I searched this person’s profile to find Tracy’s pictures all over.. The poor girl’s life is in danger’ what if she crosses to South Africa and gets beaten up or killed???

    How do we report this matter to the south african police??
    We have a big suspect’ a guy who used to be Tracy’s boyfriend.. Stayed at Alexandra and worked at MTN’ Cresta at Johannesburg… He used to be so obsessed with Tracy that he even blocked me’ and blocked Tracy on facebook.. I still have our conversations with him on facebook..

    This is a very serious and scary issue

  2. Rustenburg is not in Limpopo.. anyway this person should be charged with defamation of character, oa tella how can (s)he be so cruel towards Tracy

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