Rra Mozara tells Culture Spears “la ntlwaela.”

Rra Mozara tells Culture Spears “la ntlwaela.”

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Whoever came up with the concept “Rra Mozara and the bag are missing” in E ke ntolo vol 5 did not except Thembeni to publicly retaliate the way he has done.


Ka jeko ke lele sa ga Ragele

Thembeni Ramosethleng, one of the co-founders of Culture Spears and the master mind behind Rra Mozara comedy was left out in the sitcom in Chomie Yame DVD and the only explanation given to his fans was that his character, Rra Mozara, went missing in Gaborone as that was made to be part of the storyline.


Tshumu Tshumu tsoga, na re o robaletseng mo tseleng nna re batla go tshameka

Of course not everyone bought the lame excuse. His fans started enquiring about his whereabouts. But fortunately, now we all know that in fact Thembeni was not consulted about the “Rra Mozara goes missing” storyline or there was simply no consensus as to how the storyline in Thembeni’s absence ought to be executed.

Thembeni has come out with guns blazing, lashing out at his colleagues whilst assuring his fans that he’s still alive and putting their hearts at ease.

Thembeni says people are up at arms questioning his unceremonious absence and most importantly, question the missing part. This, according to him, is a clear indication that he is important to the group.

“La ntlwaela. Ke timetswa ke eng nna?” he issues a bold warning.

Rra Mozara goes further to question his colleagues, “nka timela bjang mo Gaborone. Gaborone o golela mo go nna, ga ke golele mo Gaborone; Gaborone ke ngwaneke.”

Towards the end of the song, Rra mozara assures his fans that he is still around and that everything will be fine. He pleads with his fans to nominate him to lead them in Parliament.


Hey, batho ba ya lela, go supa gore ke bohlokwa.

This song explains a weakening communication between Culture Spears principal members that led to the group’s deteriorating standard. To speculate would be to avoid the real issue that has become crystal clear, Thembeni says he has been left out and his fans are being fed propagandist statement and he’s clearly not pleased.

Thembeni still part of Culture Spears.

Although a word of mouth has it that Thembeni is still part of the award winning Culture Spears, he spends a considerable amount of time promoting his solo album, “Lepara la ga Koko” than performing with his home group.


Ke monate wa dikatara. Dikatara tsena dihlantsha bana le bagolo. Ga ba digopotse ga ba boele morago! Ba ya bina ba thinkgetse. SPLENDID THEMBENI. WELL DONE!!!

For now it is only good that Thembeni remains part of the group. He should not think of leaving the group as remaining part of C.S is pertinent for his blossoming career. Of course his CD sales would not surpass those of Culture Spears, at least in the near future but he’ll definitely make more money on his own.

Kulanche without Thembeni’s voice.

It is not a secret that Thembeni’s voice is dearly missed in Culture Spears vol 5- a mistake that I hope Culture Spears heavyweights won’t never commit again. The only powerful songs in the album are those led by Magdeline, with “Tshumu” and “Ragele” raising above all the other songs.

Deceit, lie, betrayal and backstabbing

What is happening now at Culture Spears leaves a gap for one to reflect back on March 2010 when talented Jelinah packed her bags and took with her the shares, leaving no mark of herself except for her face on the CD sleeves and a reflection of herself on the DVDs.
Advise to Culture Spears.

Kulanche attracts more negative publicity which is not healthy for the group. There are many different factors that play out here. The album is not a hit as compared to its predecessors, some say Kabelo should quit singing (a call that I don’t like to entertain), Thembeni’s absence among others.

All these talking can only be put to rest if a DVD is released that shows a united Culture Spears from Lydia to Thembeni being present. Plus, Culture Spears DVDs are always eye deserving and the choreography and directing are always out of this world. But people’s faces should not be used as ploy to deceive fans. Perhaps my “Thembeni-lydia” suggestion is all wrong.


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  1. ronald siyabonga mpofu | Reply

    Pls we need you all guys and we love u life is always having loose and win so as we steek togerther everything will work.

  2. christopher pensulo | Reply


  3. pls guys re-unite ur team cus we love u more wen u r together

  4. am no.1 fan of culture spears and am even willing to buy your new album

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