Airtist bemoans: I didn’t steal the R8 Marie Biscuits.

Piet Tlaila: I didn’t steal the R8 Marie Biscuits.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Just a few days away from his parents’ 33rd wedding anniversary set to be held in Brits, Limpopo’s noteworthy manyalo artist, Piet Tlaila, nearly found himself behind bars after the security guard falsely accused him of stealing Marie Biscuits worth less than R8.

This incident that left many tongues wagging and people letting go of their activities to get the best view of the dramatic situation took place at a reputable Spar supermarket in Burgersfort.

“I didn’t steal those biscuits. I went there to by snacks for my parents’ wedding anniversary which takes place this Saturday.

“I bought those biscuits on Sunday on my way to work from a wedding I was attending at Ga-Kgwete. I only ate about 6 or more then I put the remaining in my bag,” he clarifies.

Marie Buiscuits

As fuming as he is, Piet understands that the security personnel were doing their job. He says he reasoned with them and even though they understood, the same could not be said about the store manager who ordered that he pay for the biscuits or face the wrath of the law.

I didn’t steal those biscuits… I may not be a millionaire but I can afford to pay for a packet of biscuits; not one but many.

Piet is lucky to an Indian man who came to his rescue before he suffered ongoing humiliation and public harassment.

“I may not be a millionaire but I can afford to pay for a packet of biscuits; not one but many.

“How will people take me,” the embattled artist asked.

“A wedding performer, control room officer at Marula mine who can’t pay for a packet of marie biscuits. I had money in my wallet, credit card, my cheque card with me, so please I didn’t steal those biscuits,” he said in a statement he issued.




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  1. Why do sum ppl think the worst of other ppl? There was no need for them to humiliate u like that. Don’t let them bring you down my friend, they r just tests. Like they say, what doesn’t kill u makes you stronger. I’m proud of u n u r work, keep rocking us with ur talent. Re sa tlo thuntsha relole, whatch the space. Keep on rising skim saka.

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