Helen Zille pulls White supremacy stunts on Mazibuko.

Helen Zille pulls White supremacy stunts on Mazibuko.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

According to the media reporting, Democratic Alliance leader and the Western Cape Province premier, Helen Zille, has apparently told the party’s Federal Executive meeting that she has “made” outgoing Lindiwe Mazibuko.

This after Mazibuko resigned from her high profiled position as the party’s parliamentary leader only a few days after the May 7 general elections to further her studies at Harvard University.

Zille allegedly said that Mazibuko was nothing without her and that time and again she would have to “save” incompetent Mazibuko.

Zille’s statement can only be interpreted as suggesting that ordinarily Mazibuko’s bright future in the political arena would not have blossomed this much if it wasn’t for her help and intervention.

Also, Zille can be viewed as issuing an indirect warning to all the DA members especially blacks that to rise to prominent positions in the party’s ranks, they all need her blessings.

This opens a room for one to go back to the controversial statement the Economic Freedom Fighter leader, Julius Malema made years back about “I don’t debate with a tea lady,” referring to Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Following Mamphele-Zille’s political marriage that wilted long before it could even blossom; critics suggested that the move was nothing but “rent a black face” aimed at wooing more black voters to the party.

It is also claimed that Zille first opposed Mazibuko’s candidacy to the party’s parliamentary leader but what later compelled to side with her because she could not risk having a black person lose.



Colonial and apartheid sentiments in democratic South Africa.

If the media’s reporting is anything to go by, then it is very disappointing to see the leader of the official opposition party echoing colonial and apartheid sentiments that black people are incompetent and by virtue; they are nothing without the help of a white man.

This is the same remarks that Verwoerd would pass during apartheid era. One may argue that it is clear that Zille sees black people as nothing but her subordinates, who, time and again, would need her mighty power to rescue them.

Like she said about Mamphele, “I did my best to help her (Mamphele) but she rejected it publicly and in a very humiliating way.” Again, the “I help her” remarks cannot go unnoticed.

Zille “sets the record straight.”

Contrary to the earlier reporting, Zille has come out with guns blazing disputing the media’s claims.

“At no stage in the Fedex meeting did I launch any “scathing attack” on Lindiwe. I simply put the facts on the table. I said after she was elected, a “Berlin wall” was erected between her office and mine, and my advice was ignored.

“I conceded that I had worked very hard to promote Lindiwe’s career. In fact, I had never done as much to promote any person’s career in the DA before. This is an objective, evidence-based fact. I did not say I “made” her. And I did not say I “saved” her. I certainly did not say that she would be “nothing without me”, as the Sunday Times headline falsely claims.

Mazibuko plays the cards close to her chest

As of the day Mazibuko announced publicly her interest to study at Harvard, she has been playing a ‘no comment’ game, saying little to nothing to the media.

Protect Mazibuko from racism

A robust black consciousness and Economic Freedom Fighters commissar, Andile Mngxitama has come out with guns blazing, calling on everyone to protect Lindiwe Mazibuko.

“I always say: black consciousness 101 determines that whenever a black person is under attack from white supremacy we must defend such a black (person).

“Racism does not care for gender, class or political affiliation, so long as u (sic) black they will sort you out.

“Now is time to defend Lindiwe Mazibuko, what’s going on in the DA is racism. I stand with every black when under attack from racism even those I don’t like. It’s our duty!


Picture: Sunday Sun online


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