I’m stupid and dumb, I’m voting EFF.

I’m stupid and dumb, I’m voting EFF.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

There’s a false conception widely circulated in the media that people who support the Economic Freedom Fighters are uneducated, disgruntled unemployed fellows in townships, informal settlements and rural areas to mention a few.

Of course such a statement is not only incorrect and misleading, but perpetuates impressions that EFF is nothing but a home party to anarchists who have nothing good to utter except for hate speeches.

I support the EFF and I can speak with pride that my name cannot be said in the same line as anarchism, racism and let’s not even talk about uneducated unless if a hard-earned-finished-on-record-time honours in Media Studies from University of the Witwatersrand is equivalent to uneducated.

Make no mistake about it; tomorrow my vote goes to the EFF. This has nothing to do with the fact that Malema is from my home province but has everything to do with the alternative policies the EFF proposes. I may not agree with everything that the EFF puts on table, but weighing the party against all the other parties, surely the EFF deserves my vote.

Is not inevitable that I will always vote for the EFF. If tomorrow Malema-led party wakes up and become something else, I’d gladly take my vote somewhere else-something that I wish not to ever happen. But for now, I entrust the EFF to look after my interests in parliament after tomorrow’s election.

If voting for the EFF is a move in the wrong direction, then you are also making mistakes by voting ANC, DA, COPE inter alia.

Yes, let me not shy away from the truth, to think that a man who has pending court cases of corruptions, tax evasion, uttered demeaning and unacceptable speeches against a raped woman, the encounter with the BCC journalist, calling fellow politicians “tea lady”, “cockroaches”, “ghosts” among other scandals is now the messiah and fit enough to look after my interests without any fault is nothing but a fallacy.

But at least Malema has scruples. Voting for the ANC is worse. People inside the ANC argue that voting for the ANC is not voting for Zuma. We are voting for the ANC, and not for Zuma, so they argue.

But they are greatly wrong. If I vote the ANC it means I’m endorsing Zuma. Why should I give the man a nod who only thinks for himself and his families? I haven’t forgotten about Guptagate, e-tolls. I doubt Nkandlagate will ever leave my mind.

Today he knows nothing about the Nkandla costs, the following day he didn’t ask for the upgrades and suddenly the upgrades were necessary after the wife was raped. Did we ask for e-tolls? How about women who get raped on a daily basis in this country? Surely they meet all the requirements for the 248 million upgrades of their homes. My mom is having sleepless nights that her cows might be taken away by the thieves under the cover of the night, may her cattle also get a kraal worth R1 million?

Zuma has Nkandlafied the ANC. It seems all the people with the authority to call him to order are all scared of him. What irritates me the most is that the ANC knows exactly what they need to do but they seem to be shying away from the real issue, GET RID OF ZUMA!

As for the DA, the party that is vehemently pro-capitalism is not even worthy of my vote. I just have a great respect of Lindiwe Mazibuko. I like her reasoning skills and how she puts the words together to make sense. But as for her party, no, no!

So, tomorrow I’m going to make my wrong and vote for the EFF. You also have my blessings, make your wrong and vote for your desired party. South Africa is a democratic country. I would hate to see one party having absolute control of state resources. Let’s balance the power.


If voting for the EFF makes me stupid and dumb, then let it be. mošate!!!!


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  1. Your article is so good to read. Amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing, I would like to post it on my Tumblr to share with my friends?

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