Thandaza-Ranthumeng’s classy wedding.

Muvhango 6

Doing it again: Thandaza and Ranthumeng walk down the aisle.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

From a distance, even through a mediated camera lance, one cannot help but notice that Thandaza-Ranthumeng’s second wedding is way above the par line- far much better than the previous one held in March 2011.

If you thought the 2011 wedding was the record breaker with Thandaza arriving at a church with a white convertible car driven by Meiki, then it seems you have another big surprise coming your way.

Perhaps I should make it clear from the offset that I was not on Muvhango set when the wedding scene was filmed and neither was my planted spy cameras. But from the wedding pics published by Sunday World, Thandaza’s wedding was amazingly stunning and it seems it was shot on a location, and not in studio.

The theme of this wedding, (and please note, according to me) is “re-union”. Following Thandaza-Ranthumeng’s unceremonious divorce that left many tongues wagging, many people had lost hope that Thandaza who’s been with the soap since its inception will never find true love.


But against all the odds that threatened the re-union of Thandaza and Ranthumeng, the crème couple of Muvhango is back together- and this time it seems is forever amen!


Also, my “re-union” theme plays out when the wedding brings together the different characters with contrasting approaches to life and notable dislike of one another under one roof with a common goal of celebrating Thandaza’s wedding.

Who would have thought Doobsie (this time played by Khanyi Mbau), Thandaza’s biggest rival, could attend Thandaza’s wedding? Thandaza made it crystal clear with the first wedding that Meme is not invited but now the table seems to turning around, Doobsie got the invite. Isn’t that a re-union? By the way, Doobsie’s permanent stay would appease most of us and contribute immensely to the growing storyline.

S’pha and Pearl who eloped and went to stay in Cape Town are among the guests and so is Refiloe Mokoena. Nomusa was the best lady during the first wedding but I can only speculate that Thabisile who had a stint in Muvhango is now steering the gear.
Perhaps is my sight that deceives, but I think I’m seeing Ntando, the singer, standing next to James in one of the pictures. Am I also seeing Teboho wearing a brown-yellowish dress behind Malume Themba? Hamba Thandaza o kgalemela lenyatso la di nyatsi.

the wedding brings together the different characters with contrasting approaches to life and notable dislike of one another under one roof with a common goal of celebrating Thandaza’s wedding.


It seems there are many surprises with this wedding that will keep the fans at the edge of their seats. Thandaza, who has a wealth of experience of walking down the aisle and probably knows her vows off by head, deserves to be happy.

Like I said, I was not on Muvhango set. I’m only connecting the dots through a mediated camera angle that excludes things happening off the frame. Be sure to catch Muvhango from Mon-Frid at 21:00 to see for yourself.
Go anegelwa ke go tingwa. Mosateeeeee!!!!!!!!!


Additional reporting.

What a nice and exclusive way to celebrate the 2000th episode on air. Splendid! Although the Mokoenas were snubbed from their own son’s big day, with only the Buthelezi’, Mukwevho’s and Mapule given the platform, and no one from the Mokoena family welcomed Thandaza onto their family, nonetheless, let jealousy be not proud, the wedding was stunning.  Wishing miss Bu and Ranthu all the best, AGAIN!



Muvhango 3

Is the guy sitting next to James “Ntando?” Spot Teboho. Is she handing over Ranthumeng to Thandaza?How did she get the invite? oho! Domkop me, maybe through Mulalo.

Muvhango 2

Far back: Spha and Pearl looking cosy.

Muvhango 5

Refiloe and Doobsie smiling. Makhadzi is clearly celebrating.

Muvhango 4

Hamba Doobsie. She’s looking beautiful. Jealous down, Khanyi is hot, ijo!


pictures: Tshepo Kekana via Sunday World online.

Pictures: Facbook.

Edited: 30 May 2014


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  1. wow i cant wait to see thandaza s wedding

  2. ohhhhh! wow what a beautiful wedding ever

  3. the best wedding ever

  4. Wow what a beutiful wedding thandaza

  5. Is Thandaza married with Rantumang in really life?

  6. Ma lady sister best friend ma everything u meant so well to ma life well love yew happy couples may u live longer

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