Generations S’busiso won’t win this game against Dineo.

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

S’busiso made the biggest mistake of his life by dismissing Dineo from Ezweni Communications and sabotaging her every chance of securing the Kenyan mobile deal, proclaims Tilo Mokgopo.

S’busiso might have a good record of emerging victorious in all his battles even if it means manipulating the justice system, but with Dineo, the Dlomo power broker has bitten more than he could chew.

Whilst still married to Phenyo, Dineo suffered severe emotional abuse by S’busiso who made her feel less of a woman. The undisputed fact that Dineo cannot carry to terms gave S’busiso ammunition to walk over Dineo. To add salt to the wound, S’busiso thought he can order Dineo around because of the former’s unappealing background and also that her mother is a shebeen queen from Soweto, a complete contrast to the Dlomo’s extravagant lifestyle in the best addresses of Johannesburg.

But it seems Dineo is fed up with being treated like a random girl. The visibly unimpressed Dineo is out for revenge. If Dineo wants S’busiso to taste the bitter medicine of his own doings, I would like to advise her to:

Hit S’busiso where it hurts the most and bring Kenneth Mashaba back. I still remember how desperate S’busiso was to get rid of Mashaba and he managed to achieve his goals through the help of Dineo who also had her ulterior motives at the time.

So now, if Dineo could manage to get Mashaba out of prison, I would inaugurate Dineo the hero of all seasons. It about time somebody teaches delusional Mr. ‘untouchable’ S’busiso a lesson.

Before I forget, congratulations on your new hair style Dinny. It suits you. Smart choice this time neh!


“This is not a platform to offer every voice a chance to presents itself. I’m not interested in absolute truth. My own analysis carries a lot of weight. Believe when you want to believe.” (Mokgopo, T: 2014).


2 responses

  1. Nice one Tilo.

  2. Dineo is are boss now and s’busiso is not are boss and dineo will be the one who piet s’busiso viva dineo viva

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