Senzo ruined Kelly Khumalo’s public image.


Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

Tingo (Kelly’s second born whom she had with Orlando Pirates goalie, Senzo Meyiwa) is not the only result of the Senzo-Kelly’s controversial and highly publicized affair, but signal the fall of Kelly Khumalo as well; and the latter probably over weighs all the scandals the unceremoniously ended relationship has ever encountered.

Last week Friday when I came across a copy of Drum magazine with Senzo and Mandisa gracing the front page acting all lovey-dovey while glorifying stringent instructions of the cameraman or whoever the director of photography was to bring out the image of a “happy couple after all the storms”, I was not even tempted to take out my R20 to buy a copy.

Instead I was taken aback by the carefully selected editorial caption that is going to scream “buy me” on the shelves. At the end of the day, sales and circulation are of paramount importance, the same way my readership is important to me. It if gets me a lot of readership, why not tweak the angle and re-run the story?

Kelly is portrayed as a promiscuous woman who tried in vain to ruin Senzo and Mandisa’s relationship-of which is not entirely true. In the media and again in the celebville, Kelly is seen as a woman who almost ruined Senzo’s professional career.

My concern is that people seldom take time to measure the amount of embarrassment Senzo has brought unto Kelly’s career. Senzo himself did say Kelly should not be blamed for his marital woes with Mandisa. Long before Kelly was added into the equation, Mandisa and Senzo were already experiencing marital problems and it was Senzo who approached Kelly and to add salt to the wound, the man lied about his marital status.

That point of time post Jub Jub’s scandal and prior to Senzo’s arrival into her life, Miss Khumalo was doing perfectly fine. She was recovering well from the Jub-Jub saga, drugs and music wise she was back to topping the charts hence the The Best Female award at the SAMA’s last year.

However, things started to spiral out of control immediately after the SAMAs when the media got wind of the controversial affair and before we knew it, Kelly, alongside her partner in crime sister, Zandi, handed themselves over to the Hillbrow police station and thereafter twitter went abuzz with Kelly tweeting in holly tongues.

Diva or no diva, Kelly is a human being and I can only speculate that all the scandals affected her negatively (spiritually, socially, physically and emotionally). Mind you, she slept in prison holding cells whilst pregnant. Perhaps it is only right to name her baby girl “Tingo- the rainbow” to symbolize the end of the storms and to mark the begin of the new journey.

While almost everyone was sympathetic towards Kelly who was on the road to recovery, the Senzo’s scandals have cost her all the public sympathies. Immediately after 5 months into their relationship when Kelly found out that Senzo was actually married and at the time Miss Khumalo was already pregnant, apparently Kelly pleaded with Senzo to go back to his wife, but he denied. But now it comes to me as if Senzo is ganging up with the world against Kelly.

But over and above, it would be unfair of me to disregard the fact that Kelly is also not innocent. She should also take blame for whatever scandal that transpired in the relationship and face the music.

Senzo’s parents never approved of their son dating Kelly and for months Senzo has been defying their orders and wishes. How, then, are we sure that this Senzo ‘dumping’ Kelly is not some PR stunt partly aimed at pleasing his parents?



3 responses

  1. Poor kelly, now she is the one to take blame???

  2. Kelly deserve every blame she taget the poor man with her money,first was jubjub now zenso arg man where is ur woman dignity gilr wake up and smell the coffie

  3. The meyiwa family are such a cruel family 2 blame kelly 4 their sons death you all “jerks” maan

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