Aha! Senzo and Kelly Khumalo back together?

Kelly Khumalo

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

There is no doubt that Senzo loves his wife, Mandisa; however, one would be on point to argue that the Orlando Pirates goalie loves his mistress, Kelly Khumalo even more!

Only one month after tabloid newspapers, magazines and blogs reported that the highly publicized love affair of Kelly and Senzo is over, it has recently emerged that the two might have kissed and made up.

Move! Magazine reported that Kelly recently hosted a private baby shower believed to have been bank rolled by estranged Senzo who was also present at the event. In the pictures published by the magazine, Senzo and Kelly are seen hugging each other while sharing a smile.

If this rumour is anything to go by, this will definitely not sit well with Mandisa and Samuel, Senzo’s father, who couldn’t hide their excitements that Senzo had ‘dumped’ Kelly Khumalo.

Mandisa was quoted by the Sunday Sun newspaper as saying “I’m glad my husband is back home. I’m loving every moment. I’m grateful to God that he’s back with me and we’re together.”

Equally, Senzo’s father could not mince his words when bragging about the Senzo-Kelly’s ‘failed relationship’ while rubbing salt on Kelly’s wounds that she’s not welcomed at the Meyiwa family.

“Kelly thought she would waltz in here and we won’t see what she was doing because she is a celebrity. We will fight this until the last day. Senzo and Mandisa have been together before Senzo was famous. So we will stand by her (Mandisa) all the way,” Senzo’s father told Drum magazine.

However, both Mandisa and Samuel might have jumped before the drum roll as the latest development insinuates that Senzo and Kelly might be back together.

Kelly Khumalo keeps mum.

But Kelly is playing the cards close to her chest. Since her affair with Senzo became the public knowledge, she’s been pulling the “no comment” stunt, only leaving the media to speculate. As far as A re di fefere could ascertain, Kelly has never hit back at her detractors, at least publicly.



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  1. I don’t even know as where to start, but m deeply hurt as for how Senzo’s father treated kelly so far. Kelly is really not that bad at all I think the Meyiwa family owns
    Kelly an apology. What they’ve done to her it’s really not good at all. Even though she’s not saying anything but wherever she is, she’s in pain.

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