It’s not only Kelly Khumalo’s fault

Is not only Kelly Khumalo’s fault

By Tilo ngwana Rashaka

I just realized that lately we’ve been shifting all the blame to Kelly Khumalo in the Kelly-Senzo-Mandisa saga. The truth is, as much as Kelly is to blame for the debacle, Senzo too should be equally blamed.

Some of the comments I received from the article I wrote about two weeks ago “Senzo dumps pregnant ‘home-wrecker’ Kelly to be with his wife Mandisa”, made me realize that I may, unconsciously so, held Kelly liable for the fiasco while portraying Senzo and Mandisa innocent, which is totally unfair for the former.

Let’s not forget that it was Senzo who lied to Kelly about her marriage to Mandisa in the first place. Kelly did not know that Mandisa and Senzo were an item; hence it remains ridiculous to insinuate that Kelly’s mission was to destroy Senzo-Mandisa marriage. How can she destroy something she never knew existed?

Senzo was quoted in The Citizen newspaper (10 October 2013) as saying: “Kelly is a good woman. She is not the reason for my marriage falling apart.


“This is all my fault. I lied to them [Khumalo and Mkhize]. I approached her [Khumalo] and she asked if I was married. But I wasn’t man enough to tell her the truth. As a result, she fell in love with me,” The Citizen reported quoting the Sunday World newspaper.


Before Kelly and Senzo met, Mandisa and Senzo’s marriage was already shaky hence Senzo explicitly said Kelly should not be blamed for his marital woes with Mandisa. My thinking is that when Senzo approached Kelly, he was seeking solace out of his not-so-good marriage.

But the media being media, controversial diva Kelly has to take blame. Of course Kelly is not innocent as she has done things that I think any person in his/her right mind would not be proud of. The media being a business, the primary aim is to maximize profit and unfortunately Senzo and Mandisa are not as newsworthy as Kelly is.

With Kelly’s bad record with men, the virginity saga by Zakhele Shiba, drugs, allegations of dancing wearing a mini-skirt without underwear and many other negative stories, Kelly remains the target of bad publicity. A prominent weekly magazine ran a story on the subject and the headline was something like “how Kelly nearly ruined Senzo’s career”. Mmm, there we go again, promiscuous Kelly takes the fall for the very guy who went out looking trouble for himself (why do I feel like I’m running a PR statement for Kelly?).


Kelly was warned against men.
At least Kelly was warned that one way or another men will ruin her career. We have seen symptoms of this happening with her relationships with Speedy, Prosper, Jub Jub and now Senzo.


I won’t give you a lecture about boys and men, that’s something you should have got when you were younger… What I will discuss now is the impact that men will have on your image and positioning throughout your career… all these relationships will definitely affect your career and mostly in a negative way- Sarah Shongwe (2005)


And here we are today, 9 years down the line,  bowing before the prophetic letter of Sarah Shongwe. But nonetheless, Kelly maintains that “the talent God gave me is bigger than the scandals, the drugs, and mistakes I made with men.”


“An article worth reading.”


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  1. kelly will always be judged by history. its time for her to focus in real life. she is now left with children without father figure. her career will no longer be recognized because she doesnt have an ear to listern when people are advising her.

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