The role of Ranthumeng on Muvhango was originally meant for Brian Temba.

The role of Ranthumeng on Muvhango was originally meant for Brian Temba.

Brian Themba who is set to resume the role of Ranthumeng Mokoena. Picture:

Tilo ngwana Rashaka Mokgopo

The role of Ranthumeng Mokoena on Muvhango previously played by heartthrob Themba Nofemele was originally meant for Brian Temba. It recently emerged that Brian auditioned for the role and his acting skills impressed the producers.

“The interesting thing is that the role of Ranthumeng, on Muvhango, was originally created for Brian (but) unfortunately when shooting was about to start, he was then called upon to launch and work on his music career.

“Even then, we promised each other that we would work together once his schedule let up,” Muvhango’s heavyweight, Duma Ka Ndlovu said in a statement.

Ka Ndlovu was welcoming Brian to the Muvhango family and said that the two have worked together in the last ten years.


The Themba Nofemele saga

As early as March 2013, a word of mouth has been doing the round that Mr Nofemele will soon leave Muvhango due to the constant negative publicity he’s been attracting lately.

However, Muvhango dismissed the allegations as baseless.

“Our stories are written six to eight months in advance. As a result the character Ranthumeng is not featured for this period. But Themba remains part of the Muvhango family.”

But only five months down the line, the estranged Themba told Drum magazine in the exclusive interview that he’s not going back to Muvhango. He claimed that his work relationship with fellow actors deteriorated. He was told that he can’t act, apparently.

Mr Nofemele blamed what he termed as a “puppet” behind his problems with the Muvhango management.

The re-cast of the ‘original’ Ranthumeng

With Themba Nofemele confirming his early retirement from Muvhango and yet the character of Ranthumeng still carries a lot of weight, Muvhango decided to re-cast a new Ranthumeng, Brian Temba.

“So late last year, when time allowed we got together and he (Brian) auditioned and was cast as Tumelo in Muvhango. But when Themba Nofemele announced that he would not be coming back, we all felt it was only the right thing to do for Brian to be the recast of Ranthumeng,” Ka Ndlovu added.

The role of Tumelo Mojalefa that Brian initially auditioned for is currently played on screen by scandal prone Buyile Mdladla. About the role of Tumelo, Muvhango’s Kgalema Mametse told City Press: “Please note that Mr Buyile Mdladla had previously auditioned for the role of Dr Mongezi currently played on screen by Atandwa Kani.

“We strongly felt after lengthy deliberations that he was more suitable to play the role of Tumelo Mojalefa. We are very elated to have such a calibre of an actor joining our ensemble cast,” he said.

Harmonious Muvhango family

With singer Brian Themba already part of the soapie, the list of Muvhango actors that are also musicians on the side keeps growing. The following is the list of at least 10 Muvhango actors (some are former actors) that are also musicians; Muvhango’s matriarch, Mara Louw, the show’s protagonist, Sindi Dlathu, my obvious favourite, Tsholofelo Monedi, esteemed Thathe Queen, Maumela Mahuwa, Chomee, Themba Nofemele, Phila Mazibuko, Elle- Lebo Tisane, Zulu Boy and Lucia Mthinyane.


6 responses

  1. the list of muvhango muqoutedsician turned actors is more than qouted.
    musician Glen Luwis and Tshepo Tshola were also part of muvhango

  2. I like Themba Nofelema for part played as Rantsumeng he use to played it perfect,please come back

  3. I really love Vho Albert ,Muvhango wl never be the same without him

  4. I really loved Vho Albert ,Muvhango wl never be the same wthout him #sad#

  5. Wow Muvhango has got the good actors everything they do looks so real.The death of Albert was so real I even cried the whole week.He was ma favourite actor and the soapy will not be the same with him gone!

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